Saturday, April 30, 2016

Turning 26..... Mum it's 25a

And so begins our family birthday's for the year... with Bianca and her 26th Birthday... well after creating a beautiful mantel for her, I was informed it was a 25a... seems growing older is not longer cool.
 Bianca's birthday is always filled with some Anzac celebrations... and this year I actually managed to get her to join me for the dawn service in DeeWhy, with the promise of surprises and adventure after.

 so after dawn service, we enjoyed a coffee by the beach, where she opened her first gift of the week.
3 tickets to the circus... who is the third... yes the surprise was on her, I had managed to organise her boyfriend to surprise her at the beach, we then enjoyed another coffee... when you start the day at 3am coffee is definitely needed.
cold brew at Belaroma
 Then it was off to the circus.... oh the laughter we had. From line dancing, horses, tiny dogs, and scantly clad performers.... Mitch certainly had a lapful!!!

 A sneaky beer and lunch by the sea....
 And then family dinner on her actual birthday.... with an Baked Anzac Cheesecake

Her week was filled with lots more surprises from Mitch, including dinner with friends and staying on the 43rd floor of the Hilton.... can't say this girl wasn't spoilt.

Birthdays are meant for spoiling is all i can say...

And in miss 26's words.... after telling me all week it was 25a   " Although I was determined not to age this year I have realised that turning 26 on the 26th of April in 2016 is not something that happens every year."

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