Thursday, January 19, 2006

~ blogger lessons ~

wow - i hope you like my change of blogger attire - i took some lessons

well something like that - last night i took myself to bed early (11pm) that's early for me and well at 2am i was awoken by i don't know what and couldn't get back to sleep, so at 2.45 thought i may as well work on my layout but found that i would need to turn on all the lights and move those dreaded boxes to find the one piece of paper that i needed to complete the layout - so what else do i do when i can't sleep by go on a little blog adventure - as you can see my list of others thoughts is growing - and i stumbled upon {screen shots} by lindsay teague this girl just rocks - she has an awesome blog - and well she also has these fantastic lessons on how to do the blog header and fancy brush downloads - so i have had fun - learning

#1 how to create a banner

#2 how to put a banner on your blog

#3 how to download, install and use photoshop brushes

yes i did go to bed around 5ish with a sleeping pill too - hubby came in around 7.30 from work and decided i looked like i had been up late and thought that i could do with the sleep in so i awoke around 9.30 - and we all had a nice breakie out on the balcony - more rain unfortunately so no work on the studio - decided it was a day out kinda start so headed out to the mall - i got my french manicure whilst brian took dylan to trade in some PS2 games and buy some new ones and bianca watched her friend perform in the mall talent show.
I got some fresh fruit and vegies then headed home for some lovely salad rolls a nice cuppa and a sit out on the balcony {am so enjoying this not working to hard routine}
then i popped on here and played with what i had learnt last night and created this fantastic new look {i do hope you enjoy it}

i have also got some amazing inspiration from lindsay aswell - those pics of Tia at the last retreat could get cropped tonight - thanks lindsay for the roll

thought i would share this recipe for a favourite potato salad that i am going to cook for dinner

into a blender add
1 cup of chopped basil loosely packed
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts
2 tablespoons grated fresh parmesan cheese

and blend

stir above into 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 cup sour cream and add to hot new

yummy eaten hot or cold - smells divine

oh well off to cook the above with a nice tomato and feta salad and Chicken Schniztel

- dylan has a friend over for a sleep over - so they have the PS2 (and the TV occupied so its a scrapping kinda night will post later what i get done)

almost forgot - hey Janet is back from her galavanting and dropped me a txt today - so hope to catch up with her soon to check out all these amazing pictures i am sure she has taken.

oops another thought - guess what arrived just now
the awesome retro whale of a punch and its baby sister the medium retro flower punch.

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  1. the new blog looks fantastic Sonia, it is very addictive now playing with the header. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and enjoy the not working hard you deserve it


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