Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A country trip - first leg

Heading out laden with Forever Always wares to the Nyngan Ag Expo, 

Travelling untraveled by us roads to Dungog on a via trip to deliver some Healing Heart quilts to JULIE for the Flood victims of Dungog. 

The temperature is climbing ever so slowly ftom 3 at 5.30 this morning to a crisp 8 at almost 9am. 

The views of the country are beautiful

Road works on rickety bridges obstructing views, 
My favourite view is the mirror shot


  1. Beautiful country you are travelling through Sonia - the mirror view is stunning. All the best for a great time (fun and sales) at the expo!

  2. Beautiful country you are travelling through Sonia - I love the mirror photo - stunning scene! Have a great time at Nyngan!


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