Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Decorating 2013/2014

Well, it seems that this post never was completed last year, so I am giving you my house tour for 2 years in one the changes, I do like to mix it up!!!

Last year,I fell in love with this post, and I wanted to create a wonderful faux mantel scene as well

So in with a little log collecting out the bush of my parents place...I created my replica, sadly I didn't get a full shot of it in 2013, but here is is in 2014 in all it's glory with the addition of some lovely glass bauble battery operated lights and faux holly and berries... I am in love and it completes my faux fireplace.


Handmade cards vary from year to year for me, sometimes there is loads of time to create and others I feel pressured into creating better than last year, as time goes on I  have realised sometimes simple is just a good. So 2013 I did spend laborious hour's of time missing my girl elf who was travelling Europe, so creating great distractions in those hours, was the string & jingling bell cards that travelled the globe. 2014 I am busy with markets, selling well at those markets are my wonderful Chalk-art designs. So this year why push the envelope, LOL pardon the pun, but well I did hand make each and every colourful envelope, by hand. But the cards were simple prints of my digital art works.

My Chalk-art keeps the artist within me happy, I love to play with the chalk and create simple designs we have frames, walls and cupboards all featuring large sections of playful chalkboard for me to create with. I still have a few to do for this season, on 2 cupboards and a wall watch my Instagram feed for that.


My collection of vintage and modern Santa's manages to grow little by little each year. 2013 nothing was added. But 2014 my special vintage truck and tree will grace this collection, when he arrives.... I am not so patiently waiting for this one.

Our front door, is still red, although I was admiring it when putting up the wreath this year, that the door could do with another coat, and well let's not mention that a year on and we are still not finished painting the house in our special Kikki K grey!!! At the time of this post, the outdoors was in need of photographing but alas daylight, and rain, so....again it will come next time.


I love my collection of Vintage baubles, but fear that they just can't grace a tree in fear of them falling, so they usually end up in vestibules to display them....2013/2014 not much changes.



Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful"
- Norman V. Peale


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    1. Thanks Dzintra, I love it!!!

  2. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Hi Sonia,wow I love your decorating,you have a gorgeous home.x


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