Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fat Mum Slim August 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

5. early 

I'd rather be out on the water than in this traffic on the spit bridge @ 7am

6. this means a lot to me 

my wedding & engagement rings, which i designed 

7. a sign 

very apt, to be sitting peacefully with a cuppa and read today's prompt - this is our tissue box!

8. peek-a-boo 

this little miss crawls under covers and cushions - this is the don't make the bed look

9. 2 o'clock

wonderful lunch with hubby and daughter, cooked by son in the cafe where he works....perfect finish 

10. beverage

icy cold straight from the can, the only way to enjoy this beverage

11. i love doing this

 | repurposing = curtain rod end + wire basket purchased this basket with the intentions of recreating this pin  from my HANDMADE ... vintage style board and today hubby helped me achieve it.

Fat Mum Slim August 2013 Photo A Day


  1. what a lovely cat.I miss not having a cat and will get another soon...also love the wire cloche you made-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, she is a cute, we lost our little man cat earlier this year it's hard to decide on another


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