Monday, April 08, 2013

Ripple-A-Long - week 6

Week 5 was crazy busy with easter and market preparations for Forever Always, so unlike Melissa's blog post for week 5 on her Day to Day blog, I didn't get to update. But as you can see from this photo post my ripping did grow.
My original ripple blanket made it this far, only 3 1/2 short bands from completion. But alas I ran out of the Dutch blue yarn so Monday will see me visiting Morris & Sons for an extra ball so I can finish.
My simple ripple scarf was completed and set aside for market in may.

I worked on the zigzag cowl scarf from the Simply Crochet magazine after reading that it was a downloadable magazine for my iPad on Mel's Instagram. And I've fallen I love it's a lovely read and has great helpful tips in the back to help with learning the stitches.

So tonight I've stitched and completed the cowl scarf, my daughter likes this one, so I see me making a few more of this one.

Then it was on to a new raspberry ripple, it's taken a little working but I finally understand the pattern

So ill be back with more next week, thanks for stopping y to check out my ripples



  1. Hi Sonia...your ripples look great!!! ;) can't wait to see more of your new project...xo Suze.

  2. Well done on all your hard work. I don't know how I missed this post. I apologise.


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