Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift giving - new market item

This years handmade gift giving took on the production line effort! Christmas was sneaking up on me, but I was determined to give handmade, and I was racking my brain of something that i could do when my heat bag as old as it is took a timely fate and started to spill its insides. I decided that i needed to make one for myself and, the penny dropped who doesn't like heat bags. Decision was made. So to the computer for research as I have made these in the past in the shape of teddy bears for kids. But I wanted these to have the ability to be both hot and cold. Then onto the cutting mat, and trusty Singer sewing machine, a little stuffing, of course essential oils and flowers were needed and my wonderful heat pads were born.

They will be making an appearance at my next markets, and for the online shopper they will be available with the postage added.

Here are the gifted ones that were received well and funny enough used immediately on opening.

Large selection Made with Moda Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury

And a two made from my stash of fabrics chosen for both my son and daughters favourite colours.

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  1. Such a gorgeous range of fabrics used to make your heat pads...they looked so pretty all in a row!
    Thank you for choosing my design to stitch and send to your SSCS partner...I just love your fabric choice!


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