Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring scents

Today has been a day of smells for me, I love Pinterest, and a couple of days I came accross this one, and got to try it today, I am not going to try and recreate the image that did so well in capturing so this link will take you to the recipe - its for a wonderful home freshener, my pot has been simmering all day.
Image Source  morganmoore.typepad.com
So today as I was hanging out the washing I also kept whiffing the wonderful Jasmin that is just beside my clothesline.

Whilst enjoying my stitching, as the day continues sitting in my office/sewing room, the smells are so enticing. 

 Especially as the afternoon draws on, the last little warmth of the day seems to release them even more, and the port wine magnolia is just blissful today.

It won't be long before my wisteria that grows over my arbour will be joining in, I have just noticed the late afternoon sun, and the buds are popping....

Are you noticing the smells in your garden at the moment??? 

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