Monday, September 10, 2012

Fabric Finishes featuring Sue Daley and Leanne Beasley

I realised that I have a few posts that I haven't shared with you yet.  Slowly stitching away and trying to finish a few of the projects that were on the go.

My Clamshell Sewing Keep from Sue Daley Designs. Do you Remember this post on clamshell creating, well it's now complete - I fell in love with the Clamshell paper design at the Stitches and Craft Fair earlier this year do you remember me purchasing these items.

I was so keen that I started straight away, and then just after my visit to the Mad Quilters Gathering in August and having watched a young woman demonstrating again with the Mary Ellen's Best Press the clear starch alternative. The penny finally dropped and I seemed to get on a right roll with my clamshells.

I thoroughly enjoyed stitching these clamshells they were very calming, although I did notice that I am not totally straight on the line across I am happy with my results and love my new Clamshell Sewing Keep.

It holds a myriad of sewing supplies and I am keen to use it on a quilt border, which is what inspired me to start with. I did however think that the pattern should have advised to insert the magnet closure before sewing it up complete which I would do if I was too make it again. Having never used a magnet closure on a bag I was unaware of the piece I would see - hence the button is needed to hide it in the pattern.

I have also never used the Peltex ( I found it in spotlight by surprise, as I had thought I would have to order online - but standing at the counter waiting to purchase another item it was just there great reminder to get to it on the project too)before and it is very strong, which does give the bag a sturdy feel to it, but it took some rounding to get it to close - my bag spent a few days with it's flap tucked inside the bag to help with this.

Getting ready for Christmas, well that's what the shops would have us believe. But I did start this Leanne Beasley Design just after last Christmas actually and I knew it was going to be a long project as there is so much stitching involved in it. I will look forward to using this on my bedside table or even with our Plate of Santa Cake and milk ready for Santa on Christmas eve Leanne's Sweet Christmas Dreams Doily is perfect. I have backed it with a more all year fabric, so the doily can see the light of they year beyond Christmas eve. as I just love the size and the old fashioned oval shape with the ricrac edging...

What have you finished stitching lately???

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  1. Gorgeous Sonja, that is to all the projects but the stitchery is extra special-well done on a finish! have a great day Michelle.


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