Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Restoration complete

A need for a change in fabric storage, lead us to a last minute dash to Vinnie's the other day, and after strolling around looking, this little cupboard looked like it was the one to come home for a lick and a polish and place in my office. I forgot to get some photos before hubby had started, but as you can see plain white scruffy looking with boring blue wood handles.

The Price Tag was $45, but they had a sale on (yes a sale at Vinnie's - it always makes me laugh) Reduced to $20. We were happy with that, it did need some elbow grease and muscle on it, to make it look schmick and be a usable piece, it need a little repair, Hubby obliged with all the work and I just did the dressing LOL.

We are happy how it turned out.


Fabric Storage Sorted!!!

Yes happy little cupboard in its new home.
  • Cupboard $20
  • New Handles $40
  • Castor's $10
Not Bad for a total of $70 compared to the one at Ikea that I was fancying for $499 we saved a motsa and I think I love my piece better it has more character.

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  1. love the cupboard......I should show the one I got late last year......


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