Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rag Quilt revisited

I've just had a call from my soul sister Ange so this post is just for YOU princess!

I have made 5 rag quilts all slight variations. This is the one I made for my son Dylan back in 2001. It is a denim and flannel rag quickly made in repurpose style - I used some of his baby B Gosh jeans but the rest was hand me downs or vinnies & salvos purchases for both the denim and the flanno pjs. I did purchase 1 meter of check flannel as I struggled finding enough pjs to work with for the back.

The squares are cut at 8 inches. It has no wading as I was worried about the weight if the denim. It is very snugly with just the flannel on the back.

I have used seams and zips and pockets and they have worked well I think - enjoy and be inspired!!!

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  1. Love this quilt Sonia :)Wish I had the time and skills to attempt something like this!


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