Thursday, July 05, 2012

May Gibbs - Gumnut Blossoms

A little bit of creating has been had. It was my sweet God daughters Birthday on the 27th June - little miss Evie turned 1 and I wanted to make her something special.
When her mummy Amie posted this picture I knew what it had to be... I grew up on Snuggle-pot and Cuddle-pie Adventures by May Gibbs. When I say we grew up on them, we were read the books, and we truly believed that the gumnut fairies were in our garden. My grandfather painted the stories and made us all watercolours of some of the images from the books, I have an entire hall of paintings all dedicated to us.
 and I wanted Evie to know all about them too. So I hunted down some board books, as at 1 she is clearly too little for a classic book. 

So with my board books and the idea of creating a doll that represented the gumnut blossoms I so loved growing up, and her mummies passion for red and pink, I was thinking along the lines of those stunning red flowering gum trees blossoms.

A trip to Spotlight helped me out with some red trim, and some soft pink fabric for her body, I was all set, I just needed guidance with my body shape, a friend helped out with a copy of the latest Homespun magazine on her table when I visited - and I decided with modifications Bluebell designed by Julianne Ehlert-Connor would work.

So I got started, and cut all my pieces out, redesigning the head, to accommodate that wonderful brown nut hat that is featured on the blossoms. I still wasn't sure how it was going to all turn out but my little gumnut blossom soon started to take shape. Her arms & legs needed a little adjustment, as I felt they were too long and gangly, and then I decided that her eyes needed some cuteness too....a little paint soon fixed that.

So what do you think, does she look like a little cute gumnut blossom, perfect for my  little God-Daughter Evie.

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