Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Holiday in the Country - Part 1

Well I blogged from my phone whilst we were away, but figured some details to go with those photos would help.

With the crazy 2 years we have had, and no time away for just us. Brian and I decided we needed to take the time to get away. I also think it was a good time for Dylan to spend time alone at home, and help him get into a routine with his new job. But it was also a good distraction to missing Bianca who is still away for another 2 weeks in New Zealand.

Funny how as a Mum we desperately miss our babies, god knows how I will survive when they actually do leave home.

We had made plans to leave on the Wednesday and head for Nyngan for two days and then find a little solitude and respite in the Country for another three days. But Monday afternoon after a night shift nap, Brian declared that we should just pack up and go on the Tuesday - OK says me!!!

So Tuesday we up and packed and were ready to hit the road by 12, our goal was to make it to Orange or Molong for the night, but the moment we hit the half way mark up the hills of the Blue Mountains the car decided to play up with the temperature gauge going up into the Red. OH no this was not good. 

So we stopped in Leura for a bite to eat at the Leura Gourmet Deli, and this anti pasta plate was Awesome!!! We did a little retail therapy along the way whilst we let the car cool, and then managed to crawl into Bathurst. The car got hot on the climbs, but the moment we pulled over it cooled rapidly. So this was a puzzle.

We stopped overnight in Bathurst, whilst Brian did some mechanic chatting I got to spend some wonderful time in the Hatched andPatched Home Store The Home Patch what a little piece of heaven this was, I have always drooled over Annies stalls at the craft fairs, but to be here was just bliss, and I course the purse got stung big time. In my purchases were The Simple Life book, Linen fabric, green, red and cream felt, fat quarters of varied green fabrics, some of the tiniest ric rac I have ever seen, some green trim ribbon, and of course a couple of tin ornaments, a heart and a bird yet to find homes.

Time to get on the road to Nyngan to visit with Amie, Salt and the kids. 
Taken at 10.30am just out of Bathurst, so cold and this is the rising mist from the frost.
Taken on the road into Nyngan at 4.30 in the afternoon.

Driving straight into the sun for about 2 hours as it was setting was hard work.

The Sun was unrelenting.

Happy times, opening presents.
 There were presents for everyone, but my favourite of course was the gumnut blossom of this post. But the wooden birthday cake, seemed to be everyone's favourite all the kids loved it. Of course the Smiggle bags of goodies were hits were the bigger girls as they always are.
Loved that I have a picture within the picture in this one.

The cotton fields went for miles, taken  on our trip from Nyngan to Gulgong, somewhere near Gilgandra.

More Cotton Bales

The what looked like snow on the edge of the road was in fact Cotton.

On the right we had the cotton bales on the left the empty harvested crops.

This is the white fluff on the side of the roads, yes it's Cotton.

These last two just shows you how the weather changes out in the country on the left blue skies was taken around 1pm not far from Gilgandra and then on the right was taken just before 3pm almost in Gulgung the sky got cloudy but it was soon gone. Be back tomorrow with part 2.

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