Thursday, December 08, 2011

Garden Journal Quilted Complete

Back in November I could do that big sigh, a project complete!!!

I signed on at the Stitch A Long Blog back in March 2010 to work on my Gardeners Journal Quilt, with a few hiccups and my usual overcommitment of projects I was only about 10 months too late but hey I did have fun and with the encouragement of ChookyBlue and the other ladies on the blog I did finish and I love my quilt.
I love the hand quilting, and there is a lot of it. I love the fabrics and most of all I love that I have another quilt to add to my pile of love in my home!!
Sadly I am not joining the ladies on the Stitch - A - Long Blog this year with their Some Kind of Wonderful Quilt but I did buy the book and well maybe over the next few posts you will see some of the projects from that book, as I couldn't not buy the book and I fell in love with some of the smaller projects.


  1. you have done a gorgeous job on the quilting and stitching for your own gardener's journal.........thanks for being part of the SAL........

  2. The quilt is beautiful and the hand stitching is gorgeous! Well done. Do you have a special place in mind?

  3. Congrats on your finish...looks fabulous...


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