Sunday, June 05, 2011


Well, we are not complete, but happily living with what we have's the little finishing off bits that need doing now.

Sadly the flu has stopped most, and well the flu perhaps could have been brought on
1. from the total exhaustion of achieving almost 4 room makeovers in under 2 months,
2. the stress of a 21st party deadline, yep we were still hammering in nails on the decking at 6.15pm of a 6.30 party or
3. the whinging neighbour who has made our life a misery whilst complaining about privacy issues that don't really exist.

So needless to say, the finishing off is requiring a council visit, but hopefully not too long now and we will be allowed to continue and complete what we hope to be a wonderful addition to our home.

Here is a selection of photos detailing bits and pieces.

Power points need to be completed and remainder of tiling to be finished here. But oh how I love to bake in this wonderful kitchen, with it's amazing stove and awesome CeasarStone Benches.

 The fret work, really took me a while to work out, and to convince both my Husband and daughter to include it, but we all have to agree it has become a perfect addition and I love that I MADE IT MYSELF!!!... I am loving my chalkboard wall, and the recipe holder mounted, (well we need to fix this one, as the hooks just weren't Strong enough - so a little more thinking needed on this one)
 The cover panels are all that is left to be completed here above the fridge, but seems to be causing some concern for hubby, but I am sure he can manage it. Also need to mount a locking system into the window/servery for the back kitchen deck area. And more tiling, - this is my job the tiling, so lets hope once this cold is gone I can get onto it ASAP!!

Loving the fridge, and well the ice-maker is all most of us that wish for one had ever hoped for, we drink everything with crushed ice now!! LOL.

Corner cupboard, is still not 100% happy with it, just can't put my finger on what it is that I am not happy with though!!! Perhaps I am just nitpicking for the sake of it.
Sink - Love it
Tap - Love it
Under sink Bins - LOVE IT!!

So IKEA we (heart) you!!

 More of that fret work that I love, a cupboard door still to be put on, but gosh I love the colour, this room just makes me want to smile.  I also love our addition of the little shelf around the room, it's just perfect for all my little bits and bobs on display.

 The whole room has come together and my eclectic mix of furniture works, I would like a larger dresser one day, but for now this one works. I have the curtains to do here and the painting of a few more dining chairs, and one day we may purchase that bigger one we are dreaming of but for now it works.

The floors just shine in here with the sun pouring in, so loving what we have achieved.

 We still have this section of the room to complete, a false wall is being built, fly screen doors, painting and the surrounds to the french doors, but all in all its getting there.
 The pantry works....happy with the IKEA drawer units here, they work a treat for storage, and units being able to be rolled out is even more perfect for happy grocery putting away, or rolling into the kitchen for a big bake off!!

Handbag hook works, too...same as the keys...well at least I always know where mine are!!!

Yep more below of that eclectic furniture mix that works.

The banister and handrails still need a couple more coats of paint, but that's the leading into upstairs which all needs a  coat of paint - we are hoping to get the carpet come July, so guessing the next few weeks will be busy with painting chores if this is to come to fruition.

Below more shiny floors, yep loving the new no blinds, and the curtains are getting there, but that sunshine coming in on a winters day is oh so warming.

 Let's walk outside now, to the new deck, well let's just say there is heaps to do, besides the obvious staining of the deck. the stairs and pathway leading to the studio will be be wonderful once, council approves the job!!

 As for this little piece of heaven that seats many for meals, we can't wait to share. But alas this couch is my zone, for books and a cuppa even whilst we are awaiting to hear if it will be all allowed.
 Well that's a little peak into what we have been up too, and what is still to be achieved. Thanks for stopping by to have a look see...hope we inspire you to get out there and give it ago, you can do anything if you put your mind and your body into it!!!


  1. You must feel so proud Sonia (you should too). I love it all. I especially love the fretwork and your kitchen looks to die for! Love the huge pantry and your shiny floors. Hope it's not too long before you get the final go ahead to finish.

  2. love the renos.........they look great........


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