Friday, July 09, 2010

Holiday Review

Back from a blissful holiday up in Soldiers Point. We love our winter getaway it's our little piece of heaven...even if it is cold. We were lucky and didn't have any rain this year, well not during daylight hours anyway. I am amazed at how much we jam into the few days we are there. Here is a photo log...well an abbreviated photo log...considering there were 335 photos taken over the 5 days.

We were away with 2 other families, so of course we shared a meal or two - here is one nights Fondue Feast.

Lots of wildlife around the resort and this little guy greeted us each morning, so friendly he even came into our cottage. Even tried eating Brian's toes one morning.

Bianca and I were determined to see whales as on previous visits we have never had the luck - with too high seas and the boats not going out...well, we headed into town and the seas were choppy, but they were going out - 3 metre swells, lucky we don't get sea sick....but loads were ... We managed a dolphin sighting before we even left the marina, he was swimming just beside us before we even got on board the boat. Once on board, we were in heaven, we both love being on the water, and Bianca described the ride like being on a roller coaster, up and down the waves we went. Sadly though we saw more beautiful scenery than whales.. But what scenery it was, the colours just stunning. We did see lots of Whale spouts or blow holes which was just as exciting. We were lucky enough to have a few dolphins come and swim in the pressure wave of the nose of the boat where we were standing...which was amazing...the photograph just doesn't show the excitement of it happening.

Whilst we were out cruising the ocean, the rest of the troups were off doing extreme sports...well Toboggan Park.... It certainly looks like they had lots of fun on the rides.
From the tobboggan ride, rock climbing, chair dodgems....well that's what they look like..

Then there was an afternoon of go karting... for some and reading for others.
Then of course we went to the pier and had photos....a nice group one...and then a funeral was had for the poor dead octopus that we found on the beach.
Of Course the cousins got up to mischief as per always.

Morning were spent out exploring, and afternoons, were spent with wine o clocks, reading and is a little owl that i made - eveyone had a go....only 5 were complete, we even had one turn into a kitty, sadly no snaps but this one.

Then one of the many spots we stopped at on a day out - the views were spectacular....sand for miles in Anna Bay, and with the know how of how to spot whales....we did a bit of land spotting...and success...more whales were seen in an hour of land spotting than our 3 hour cruise...we were excited.!!! 
The Kids started a world trip in there imaginations....I believe this was the desert of Egypt...camels and pyramids ...of course.
We saw fins, flippers and tails....and all just off from the beach, even the dolphins were surfing the waves.

I was so happy to catch this fin, up on the side out of the it is blown up...for a closer view.
Of course not trip to the area would be complete without a few pelican snaps.
Then this particular cruising day, My sister and I decided we needed to escape, so we dumped out the Men and the kids to climb a mountain, and went for a little girly coffee, and shopping....oh total bliss, Funnily enough they even snapped a photo of where we were enjoying our coffee from the top of the mountain.
This sign shows how far they walked...we left them at Zenith Beach, and they walked the whole peak, then out the gunnery and back....all very tired once they were done.
Heidi and I were sitting just near that pier enjoying our affogato's, liquer and cake....oh such bliss.
The views from the top looked spectacular...
But after seeing this one, I am so glad I didn't join and my fear of heights wouldn't have coped with these walk thru the tree tops paths.

Well it's taken about an hour to write this post....home again, school holidays, and feeling a little pewky...have a stomach but, so not much else but blogging and chilling out between the couch and the loo for me.


  1. Great photos Sonia !
    Glad everyone had a wonderful time.
    Looking forward to seeing some more snaps !

  2. looks like you had a wonderful time........hope your feeling better.....

  3. Brilliant photos, looking forward to you scrapping some ;)
    Glad you all enjoyed the trip. Hope you are feeling better soon. x


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