Sunday, June 27, 2010

catch up -

Not sure if it is even possible to catch up - so much has happend but let's try to do it with photos.

I have been busy with lots of Etsy products....these Beautiful big button necklaces are available. You can shop via etsy, or Sonia's Originals on Facebook or even the Forever Always online store has them in the Sonia's Original Link
Then a few button Rings.....
Then it was back to beading with these my wire wrapping.

Then I had fun with Natalie, teaching her how to make a Rag Quilt....and it gave me the opportunity to finally complete the original one i started back in 2005 - all these lovely rich colours... and a great patterned back, so it is reversable...well it did take a couple of unpicking sessions, as I messed up the rows, even after laying them out perfect, just takes one simple distraction and your unpicking it...oh well that's the fun of sewing...those odd unpicking sessions.
Then it's the clipping..oh the clipping it takes forever....then its the washing...this is just after one load in the machine....look at that fluff....
but it's what makes this fluffy stunner.
Then I created and posted out this parcel for a special somebody over at ACAC yahoo groups Christmas in June Swap.

The Quilt and Craft fair came next.....lots of shopping, with many plans of new projects to be revealed as they are completed.
Then I travelled over to the Studios at Notebook Magazine for a wonderful Etsy Craft Party, and so it was scrapping create these little mini Notebooks
Lots of fun was had by all...and
Many of these wonderful Fabric Brooches were completed - all for sale at the above links.

Then on to some custom orders for Birthday Gifts....
Then another swap I joined....this one is so sweet. Sweet Cheek Crafts Blog TRAVELING ART partner has a little man aged 3 very into Buzz Light Year - so this is his little treasure.

I have also made a little zippered pencil case, or treasures bag...and will be posting these up for sale....and order, as I have a whole yard of this fabric...please email if you wish a custom order in this fabric.

Another Nat creative play and learn play date and this time it was Nat teaching me Dry Felting ...oh what fun and how cute are these little bears, I can't wait to have another go at it...
That brings me to todays creating....another custom made birthday order....hope she likes it.

Well that's a long catch up post....lots of other things happening...stitcheries for both my quilts....and lots of other stuff too....I will try not to leave my blog posts so long next time...thanks for looking.


  1. Love the bags and those little flowers just make it. So nice and the necklaces are beautiful...

  2. Wow!!! Where to start...simply gorgeous work Sonia. x


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