Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Having fun with PHOTOS

Natalie came over yesterday for another creative craft day, with the girls and we all made Owls, well I managed to finish mine and Aren's - oops forgot to photograph Arens - Nat might do that for us.

Here is my two Owls - making a little family of them slowly here

Natalie had my family in a frenzy with creating and staging photos for a Treasure Hunt, welll!!!!!

Let's just say I am now doing said Treasure Hunt - I joined ClickinMoms and have printed my list... and have been snapping up a storm creating......and totally enjoying the creative process...who knows I may even catch my mojo to scrap again, with all these photos...

You can see my pictures over here in my album


  1. Very very cute....

  2. Those are just the cutest, I agree,, Would love to see more.

  3. These are soooo cute


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