Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big week

Last weekend, was huge with spring cleaning cupboards to make room for that cupboard we purchased a few months back.
Monday is visited with mum and bought home a couple of bags of lemons, with the intentions of making some preserved lemons. with some advice from Natalie about recycling preserving jars, it was off to the shops for some Five Brothers bottled sauces - cheaper than buying new bottling jars, and well it meant lots of cooking making dinners that we can freeze. 
So Tuesday day I cooked up a batch of bolognaise, with a couple of containers in the freezer for quick dinners. Then I went out for dinner with Bianca and went to see WICKED - awesome,amazing....loved it.
Not sure which of these images somes up my fascination more....the special effects were amazing.

So glad my daughter spoilt me.
Wednesday I avoided work that had to be done, and decided to start putting together one of the blocks of my Gingham Girls quilts. Wow addictive this can be, it's kind of like colouring in, it just seems to come to life...
Managed some washing and with the moving of furniture that hubby was doing in the kitchen we discovered this mess....yep leaky shower...UGGGHH
Then spent some time sorting out that cupboard, and filling it, it's looking very pretty, the glass is to be cut yet, and the side you can see, will be painted with chalkboard paint yet.
Thursday - that's today well, it has been huge, no shower due to the above leak it was a quick lick and spit in the basin, on a chilly morning, well let me tell you - move fast to keep's the only way.
Washing on, more of that pasta sauced to cook, so I had a few more jars at the ready. Then decided to sew together the last of another block that I started last night...

Paula popped in for a cuppa, then it was onto some scrapping....not very enthused at the time, but with a deadline approaching, I needed to do it, well after a coffee - yep it got me going.

Here are the sneaks for the class i will be teaching in June at the Craft Room
 I then got in a cooked up that cake that I spied bake in April from Retro Mummy and had ear marked to bake, and then Amie posted on Facebook about it a couple of days ago and jogged my memory, with a lunch out tomorrow that I promised to bring a sweet I thought it would be perfect with some leftovers for my dad's visit for afternoon tea too. Mine had got a little dark on the top but it is cooked.

Lasagna's are done too....yep got three of those done, two for the freezer and one for dinner which is just about ready to eat....oh almost here, as is masterchef tonights tv viewing...but I so want to stitch another block together....we will see how i feel after i have eaten...

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