Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Busy and Sick

Well time has been flying by again, and I don't know what I have been doing but it's lots let me tell you, totally exhausted but that could be due to the chest infection I got 2 weeks ago. Finally feeling much better, so time for a catch up on the things I have been doing....let's see.

In no special order.
OPAM's - yep just updated that list and emailed Peg and Kris - 21 for the month, well it sounds like lots' but well,
This Swing top that was cut out 3 months ago got completed....not good on the self portrait but hey you get the picture it's pretty purple and I feel pretty in it. And the overlocker is working a treat, now that it has it's new parts. I might even get back into the clothing thing, Bianca is keen for me to.

Too cute is this little feltie, Natalie and I have been having social friday's once a fortnight and teaching each other a little project and this was last fortnights - she is so cute, I have ready 2 more to stitch up and then I am going to pop them in a frame - but for now she is just a little shelfie...

Then there is the mountain well not the mountain but yes a huge bundle of these gorgeous flowers, they are so addictive -

I have also been doing loads of stiching on my quilts - both the Gingham girls and my Gardeners Journal blocks....and they are coming together nicely.

WHAT was on my bookshelf in MAY - well being sick in May saw me plow through a few books. I really loved the Jodi Piccoult House Rules, and then a total turn back in time history book that Bianca selected  The lost book of Salem - WOW witchcraft & history at it's best. Then one of those can't put down mystery's from Harlan Coben  in Caught - loved it from begining to end. And now I am slowly working my way into the Tuscan Rose by Belinda Alexandra, and enjoying it.

What are you reading this month??? I would love to know - leave me a comment, i like to add new books to my shelf.

SCRAPING and beyond.....well, I did create some
21st birthdays have started, not sure if I should be happy or sad about this one, as it really does make me feel old...ah but well we are on the creating not the aging, so let me get to my share.

This was a special gift, filled with 21 years of photos, I really enjoyed the simplness of the pages and well I totally got into the key and created it all by hand, I was a little dissappointed that the dimensional magic seemed to lessen the glimmer and shine of the silver ink on the key - but the birthday girl loved it. And it is now filled with wishes, hopes and dreams of all her guests as the party.

Then there was the matching gift Card - happy with it too....was really in the party theme with black white and silver....ooops that sonia Red just had to slip in. :)

Happy Mail....yep there was some of that too.....
My Christmas in JUNE swap arrived from my wonderful partner Helen, and boy did i feel spoilt....This big box of goodies arrived and with a no open message till the 25th June, well it lasted three days before being sick and in need of a pick me up, i ripped into the package like a little girl at christmas...yep and did it cheer me up....it was perfectly chosen and selected as if Helen really new me, beyond being a cyber friend. Lots of fabric, buttons and notions, chocolate of course and handmade quilt hanger just gorgeous and how cute is that rudolf tapemeasure....i feel in love.

Then more happy mail in the form of some shopping, I am loving Amie's new venture SamMiaBrie Designs - her bags are just too cute, I purchased one for Bianca's birthday and then caved and had to have this one for myself....it's just stunning. OH and then the rings that Amie had were too cute too, she sent me one of the bases and I glued on this stunning button, yep it got noticed all night when i was out.....hmmmm think i might have to start making more of these, Bianca has already raided the buttons with wish list piles of buttons to be turned into rings....oh well that's me ...and if your still reading thanks for taking the time.
Off for a spot of lunch now.


  1. Wow...feeling exhausted just reading all that, where to begin!
    Hoping you are feeling much better now, not a great way to start the season. :(
    LOVE your 21st album, simply stunning. Cute button ring, matches perfectly with Amie's gorgeous bag...you 2 are simply too clever.

  2. Hope you are feeling better now.

    As for reading I have just finished "The Runaway" by Martina Cole. It's the 1st one of hers I have read and will definitley be looking for more next trip to the library.


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