Monday, April 12, 2010

Productive Weekend - FA Farewells.

Wow, I have had a few huge days of productivity.
I have stitched, Machine Sewn, Blogged, Baked, typed Newsletters, Emailed packed orders - you name it I have done it. And I feel good about achieving so much in so little time.
So I will share it amongst a few posts.
This one will be about the changes in my life. Yes sometimes you come to a crossroad and wonder in which direction you are going to head. Well for a while now I have been pondering my FA Forum Family, we have become quiet small, and as much as I love you all dearly, I have realised I am doing so much behind the scene work for just a few, and it really has become a chore - sometimes I felt like I was just chatting to myself - and this can be real blow to your self esteem.
So, I have devised a plan to still have you all, but well, we can Facebook, Email and meet face to face for coffee,( like that nescafe advert - it is better to LOL IRL) do we need the Forum? Big answer it's time for me to blog more, and socialise more...LOL So what's going to change really you ask???
Just no more Forum - everything else will stay the same, the only thing that I think most of us will miss is the Cybercrop Bingo - but hey challenges post really well on a Blog too and I am sure I can work out Bingo at retreats. So we will be farwelling the FA Forum with a bang and a fantastic themed "IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS" cybercrop with Belinda on the 22nd April - hope you can come and join us.
As part of these changes you will find our Recipes on our new blog FA FAMILY RECIPES that I have made - that's our favourite eating kind as well as our much enjoyed Creative Recipe Scraps and Techniques too.
Do you remember this creative post and that perfect Cake picture at the end of it, well I have had a quite a few emails from a few of you, requesting which Bills Book it was and if I would share the recipe, which was another reason for that perfect NEW FA FAMILY RECIPE BLOG if you want to cook it the recipe can be found here

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  1. Oh wow Sonia! HOw sad the FA forum is winding up but also, very exciting that you have more time for your etsy shop (they are all fab designs)!!
    and yes, blog challenges work just as well ;)
    much stitching happiness!!


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