Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a weekend, I planned and worked on Friday cutting and preparing, and hoping to achieve lots...but well, it was a gorgeous day and with the girls stopping over on Friday night, we had a leisurely breakfast on Saturday and well before you know it over half the day was I got in and got started on my Block Keeper, having been inspired by this blog to make it. I designed and stitched this little block for it on the Friday.
I love it's little vintage button pin cushion me...
It took me most of what was left of Saturday to complete it, with it's patchworked and quilted side, but it's perfect for storing my blocks that i am working on in the stitchery for my quilts. - I even popped a divider page so that i can store my sitch-a-long blocks in it too. If you look closely, you will see that my Hatted lady with Brutus the cat is now complete too.

Then if you remember back to January, Bianca and I did some Babushka crazy applique, with the intentions of making them into bags for the etsy store....well I finished one...and I love it, this one I don't think will be leaving home, but I have four more pretties on my pile to work on this week....cutting and prepping takes time before i sit at the machine.
And so my Babushka Tote is born - this bag is just perfect for toting back and forth to Uni we have decided...long enough for those A4 folders and with a great over the sholder length straps.

Next up on my cutting mat is this wonderful Neopolitan mix of goodness....I so love the colours of this lot.

We have the Neoplitan Ruffled Bag with 3D flower Brooch (another vintage button appearance), fully lined with a little phone pocket on the inside and of course that zipper close. It also has a matching little zippered pouch, for that ipod, pens, glasses or even the choose...and of course another little 3D flower Brooch, that can even be pinned onto a headband to complete the outfit....just love the lot - this lot is making it's way over to Etsy in a moment ...

So as you can see that's another 6 OPAMS for me this month, wow I am really doing well this month, when i get on a roll I get on a roll.


  1. love all your sewing......think I will have to make one of those block keepers........

  2. Thanks - and Yes you will, they are so easy....and a great use....I am very proud of mine, going to be taking it with me to day to sewing ....such a nice little thing to be carrying.

  3. Sonia, you have been a busy girl. I Love your block keeper and your bag.



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