Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been full on around here

Well girls, i have had so much on my plate lately with birthdays, the closing of the forum and lots of secret squirrel business....regarding Stitches and Craft fair and Notebook magazine... Retreat planning and sorting, retreat class planning....organising, scrapping, stitching and baking, blogging....yep total madhouse....

But first things first.....Well i am just in from my first sneak of The Craft Room where i will be teaching in June - so exciting.....brand new studios - fantastic lighting...just amazing.
I don't have sneaks of the class ready to share yet...but they are coming, so you will have to just stalk {wink} till i do...

Thanks to Corrie of Retro Mummy for driving me today, now I know where I am going it will be easy to get there, and plenty of parking too.

So if you are keen to try new crafts check out the timetables over here for the craft room....or if you want to sit in on a beginning scrapbook class i would love to have you join me my class is June.

I think I will be taking myself off to a few different classes, after seeing the venue and hearing about some of the upcoming classes today at the office meeting - wow lots of great talent in the room. I will be luck enough to be sitting in on one of Corries' classes, just to get a feel of things...
I know Corrie took some lovely photos of the cupcakes we were served for afternoon tea....they certainly looked too cute to eat. I am sure you will find them over on her blog soon
And just look - perfect bedtime goodies, from the lovely goodie bag were given, oh and a wonderful secret squirrel gift but can't reveal more of that till June.....

**Edited - OK -so the chocolates got raided as soon as Bianca walked in the door - and how good are those kisses...and perfect little notes in each one {a loving heart
is forever young} yep that's me.
Now on to some photo shares....
Well as I said birthday, yep my little girl is now 20 she will always be my little girl though- so lots of baking - Lemon Meringue Pies - yep there were 3 of them, 2 small and one Big.....and those perfect Paula's Perfect Brownies with her twist of raspberries...oh my to die can get both the recipes for these over on the FA Family Recipe Blog

Then Stitching, I am still stitching on my Gingham Girls quilt and my Gardening Journal...slowly and steadily, really should do a photo share soon, I have found one of the tips from chookyblue's recent blog tutorial very helpful regarding no knots and have found my thread is less tangled with her one thread folded technique.
You will have seen this sneak in my updates about retreats...this is one of the sewing classes I will be teaching on retreat...
Speaking of Retreat - dates changes we will now be retreating on the 5th - 8th August bookings are why not come along and have some fun.
Scrapping - well lot's going on, but not much to share yet.
If your going to the Stitches and Craft Fair in Melbourne Next week, come along to the Craft Bar and join in the fun with the ladies who will be showing you how to create this wonderful little matchbook album....well you make the album to take home and decorate yourself....but I had to do the samples and pack the 175 here you are, loving this little book, such a quick little album.

And lastly - we had our last cybercrop over in the Forum - which i will start to close down over the weekend....this is all I managed amongst the party weekend we had....but I love what i achieved...and was totally inspired with the challenges that Belinda set.

Well that's me for today, off to wind down, enjoy a nice jacket potato stuffed with mushrooms, bacon, sour cream and cheese. Then sit back and eat a few of those chocolate and read my new books.....enjoy your weekend.


  1. so much happening pleased the stitchery post helped you out......

  2. Wow, huge post...lots of exciting things! :) Enjoy your weekend too.


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