Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stitching Saturday

Lot's of stitching got done today, well it was a very stitch filled week actually, with a birthday this week, last week I spent the time creating the perfect gift and found my Cinderberry Stitches - Me and My Shadow Kit from last years Stitchery of the Month Club with from Under the Mulberry Tree perfect for the job. I have saved the kit fabrics for when i get to do this for myself...yes I do have hopes of it. Always the way, i complete the gifts for friends and never for me, at least by making it with fabric to suit Di {she's a blue girl} I have the kit still ready to go for myself oneday. {sigh}

I loved doing the embroidery, and really got on a roll with all the satin stitching done in the variegated threads completely...they are such cute little elves. I did have to contact Natalie, as I found there was an error in the pattern and after much head scratching I worked it out....such a little thing but it was getting me confused.

Step 19. should read
19. Sew together the 91/2 in square and 91/2 in x 5 in rectangle

19. Sew together the 91/2in x 14in rectangle and the 91/2in x 5 in rectangle

And then of course i did a little altering as well to the pattern as I wanted it to have a button closure, and felt that a felt circle would work as the centre of the needle case. And I loved the zippered pockets technique...just perfect.

I also love that I have mastered the art of Freezer Paper Applique with the help of this tutorial

After completing the above items, I was still in the create mode, and the cleaning and sorting of the sewing/office was getting done, whilst I was sifting the piles I got to put together a couple of blocks in prepared to stitch, of my Gingham Girls Quilt that I am working on with Mum, Di and Heidi. I still need the perfect piece of lace to finish off the Fat Quarter Teachouse Block. The teacakes block is coming along nicely, I love that they look so tasty.

Next up was the little chai tea girl...how cute is she, and mine is so much bighter than the girls, which is what i love about working on the same project at the same time as others, just how we each colour our worlds differnet - it's amazing.

With all my love of the freezer paper technique, I have decided that I need to purchase myself one of the Clover Mini Irons, after getting the hearts ready and realising that they aren't as easy as the cirlcles and ovals of the earlier projects of the week.

Then i decided it was time to make a bigger commitment to the stitch-a-long and trace up the first block ready to stich over the easter break. I was annoyed that the pattern didn't have a cutting template for the sititching blocks.

Then I printed off a couple of rainy day patterns in the catalicious stitch along...LOL ....I so wish there was a month of rainy stitching days at times, and that the real world would just stop so i could sit and stitch without the guilty feeling of letting my every day chorse slip by!!!

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  1. I am just teaching myself this same method of applique.. pop over to my blog and see my first attempt...
    and how funny... while doing my first try at this I also thought I must dig our my bling tool as it has the attachment for this same little mini iron head.... great minds think alike... LOL

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