Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday Magic

Here is one of the 15 blocks that 14 ladies and myself completed in our magic Quilt class today. It is using the Stack and Whack Technique, that Lorraine Wheeler came and taught us. It certainly was amazing to see how from one piece of fabric the many different quilting blocks can be created and the amazing colour ways of a kaliedescope - it was just magical. I have decided that I will hunt for the perfect piece of fabric and create one of these quilts one day....but not just now. This block will go with the other 15 and become 2 quilts that we will be donating to the local nursing homes for raffles at christmas this year.


  1. Wow, looks amazing!

  2. Just caught up on everything you have been doing Sonia and as always I am in love with everything you do :o)
    Have a great easter. Hugs amie xx

  3. Lovely flowery block,so very sharp colours. Nice reading you blog.
    Happy Easter.


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