Monday, January 25, 2010


well i hope your not getting shocked with my bulk posting today, but doing the catch up...and I just scrapped shock horror, but it is my 5th layout this month just not shared with here you are my layouts this year so far....
Layout 01 in Januray is for FOREVER ALWAYS CYBERCROP #3 Recipe for the best Pavlova, but the cybercrop is next weekend, so I can only show you a sneak...Layout 02 in January is for the FOREVER ALWAYS January Sketch Challenge – capturing LASHES, there are still a few days, so if you need a double layout sketch ...why not join in the fun and share with us over here
I was very lucky to have some amazing photos taken by Bianca of Amie's daughter Brie and they were very inspiring to scrap.Layout number 3 but counts for 2 pages as it is a double for Januray was Paula’s January Challenge in the FOREVER ALWAYS FORUM– SETTING GOALS I like my layout, very different for me....but inspiring none the less with its perfect quote for me this year...there is still time if you want to give this one a go, Paula is giving away a join the fun and set yourself a goal for 2010.

My 5th layout of the year so far is today's scrapping effort for the SCRAP THE GIRLS January Challenge

I loved this sketch, but tried to start it almost 2 weeks ago now, and I am not sure if it was the photos or the cold that got me stuck, so today after printing out some more photos.....and with intentions of doing AMIES RECIPE SCRAP FROM LAST WEDNESDAY EVENING....the scrap bug hit and the page was coming together and then i looked back at the sketch and thought this is just not going to be the recipe but the here it is....

so now, do you think I can scrap and post again before the day is's hoping...and thanks for looking.


  1. Awesome layouts Sonia. I can't remember the last time I actually scrapbooked. :)

  2. Sonia the layouts are all just simply stunning.... I reckon the one of Brie should be published but I may be a bit biased :o)


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