Monday, January 04, 2010

Productive stitching....and drool inspiration

Bianca asked me to help her make a bag for a friend last year as a gift, well she finally got to it and completed the stitching, herself, and then I put the bag together - we both love the size of it,

so decided to design a babushka as this was the one that Bianca wanted for herself, after a day of tweaking out design, we got to and started creating....well I love her so much I have decided to share her with a few of you....yes I am putting them in my etsy store, so far one is complete today....only two more to go and then the bags should be online for sale...what do you think. aren't they sweet....

And now on to the drool inspiration.....My Christmas Gift to myself....I feel in love with Tilda last year....browsing blogs and just couldn't find them here anywhere....and then when visiting with a friend just before christmas, I got to see one in the flesh, and realised I wanted one, so Amazon Books came to the rescue and of course they have combo I got all three...and they weren't due to arrive till the end of the month...but happy joy happy joy....they arrived today, and I am so inpsired to stitch and stitch and stitch....

I can highly recommend these books, if you want to see more insides check out this link on Amazon


  1. you will love those books...........I must get some things made form mine...........I just love looking thru the books.......

  2. WOW love that owl and those Babushka dolls!! You have been busy

  3. OMG Sonia I am in love..... well you knew I would be LOL.
    Just gorgeous.

  4. Love the owl bag Sonia and the babushkas are too cute xx


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