Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more shares and a Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy Chirstmas gift Idea, I saw the ladies making these yesterday at mum's sewing group and decided to give it ago....so not my original idea...but one worth sharing.

Fabric Serviette Pouch Tutorial
1. Cut 4, 9½ inch squares of two co-ordinating fabrics. 2. Stitch 2 squares right sides together leaving a 2 inch turning gap. Repeat for other 2 squares. 3. Snip corners. 4. Turn & press.5. Taking care with directional fabric and putting lining fabric on the inside. Mark with a pin the top and right hand sides of each square, and top stitch these sides.
6. Pair them up, pin together, about 2 inches from the top LHS and Bottom RHS and stitch between these pins.
7. Fold down the top corner of the upper piece and stitch in place to top layer with a decorative button
8. Place your Napkins/serviettes within.
9. Your decorative quick gift is complete.

More completes for this month....and I have updated my tally too.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    absolutely gorgeous work sonia. you are so crafty! thank you for sharing with us. great ideas that are pretty simple really!
    judy ACAC

  2. These are SO lovely!!! I'd love to try something like this one day. Doubt mine would turn out anything like yours though. LOL.

    Jodes ACAC


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