Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy birthday baby

wow, where did the last 16 years go.....this is my little man this morning with his 16 gifts.....we are off for breakfast a treat out.....just the four of us....then tonight is family, and tomorrow is friends....hope you enjoy your special couple of days...


  1. you are doing well to think of 16 different gifts...........
    happy birthday to your boy.........

  2. but that is the is getting so there were a few pairs of undies and socks in there to fluff it out too 16.

  3. Happy Birthday to your 'baby' boy, hope he has enjoyed his day! x

  4. Hi Dylan, Wylan, hope U got the text I sent 2 U c/o of your darling Mum. Heaps of love,
    Janny, Wanny xxxx :D


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