Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Birthday Spoils....

Well still not officially my day, but yeah more share... This special lady, always makes me feel special, and when Gab dropped me an email asking could they pop over today I knew I was in for a treat. I love her littlies, they always put a smile on my face, and they so wonderfully behaved, they are a true credit to her wonderfulness as a mother.
So I got the boys in the kitchen, lol great to get them doing some cooking together, well, Brian ended up with the baking, from his bible of course...and we had wonderful warm rather large (man sized) rock cakes with a wonderful coffee.
Gab came bearing a early birthday gift - and just look at this vintage goodness.....she knows me so well
12 sweet napkin rings all with pastel roses and a lovely little vase, just need to go and pick a bunch of flowers to make it complete on the table...
Of course whilst Gab was visiting another special lady this one, decided to surprise me with some "happy mail" gotta love happy mail.....a wonderful card....loving that paper .....and a block of my favourite chocolate....and even more special was the 5 page hand written letter that I will cherish, I love that even thought Shelly and i met online, the wonder of a handwritten letter is oh so touching....thankyou both for making today extra special.
Tonight it's dinner with Mum and Dad, looking forward to that, best get off an make myself look pretty and not quite 41 yrs old....well at least I can do that as I don't turn 41 till tomorrow.


  1. Very spoilt...but you deserve to be spoilt! x

  2. Ditto what Paula siad!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    :) XX

  3. just popping over to say 'hope you've had a lovely day...' thankyou for your beautiful words. see you when we return xox


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