Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enjoying the holidays....

Well we have had some glorious sun, and it has been pleasant enjoying the holidays well, not sure i can call them holidays. With both the kids working in the holidays it is more and more just me alone, so i have been enjoying a little stitching in the sun.
I have managed to finish block 6 {which was June's block} of Gail Pan's A Christmas Wish BOM Quilt. As always I have changed a little of pattern from the original, as I am using a very pail cream, the white just doesn't show up so have created yellow flowers, and changed the stitch, but like what i have done......Here is a sneak of the little sitchery i am doing for my give away, should have it finished and ready to post by end of next week..... I am loving how the sun has fallen on this exquiste thread that I purchased years ago when i was doing embroidery flowers with the pot buttons and framing is so pretty and don't forget to leave me a comment here to be in the draw. I might just add an extra treat too, as I have also done some beading lately and am loving what i have started as gifts and well having toyed with the idea of an etsy store and requests for some handmade items...looks like i might be heading over to etsy soon....

Well the postie must be wondering what's going on this week, seems to be deliviery heaven here this week.
I have had delivered my iron on stabilizer for my stitcheries as I have not been able to purchase this locally I ended up ordering from The Patchwork Angel on the sunshine coast. It amazes me how the post works, on the same day that I ordered the above I also ordered a seamingly accurate from Quilt Woman in the US amazing how they can arrive on the same day.
The Seamingly accurate is for my new machine, as it doesn't have a 1/4 inch foot and with all my quilting I am hoping it will just make life easy. I was very annoyed that my old Singer foot wouldn't fit on the new Singer machine....
Oh back to the deliveries and then there were spiolt am i Birthday Cards Galore...oh and some goodies too.
Thanks to Peg for the wonderful hand crocheted flowers and 12 inch strip, the page is evolving in my head for those already.
Michelle thanks for the glittery hearts and sweet teddy card.
Tia, you never forget, thanks for being a great friend, loved the hand made card.
Guess it is shaping up to be a grand spoilt week....thinking of signing up for this birthday treat to me...

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