Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quick catchup and a Giveaway Winner

Well, here we have it the prize for my giveaway from here 11 entries, all written up and Hubby helped me by selecting the this little not framed but quilted in the end, as the perfect little frame I purchased was too small for the stitchery in the end....but I like how I finished it off anyway....
so drum roll.....
Amie - you are the winner.....this and a bundle of goodies including chocolate is coming your way.....keeping that picture under wraps till you get it, the postie already has the it shouldn't be long.

This is a first OMPAC for August - gosh I don't know how long I have had that stitchery in the cupboard - think it was one of the first pieces my MIL gave me years back...
Onto other news....I am finally all moved back into my office and loving that my sewing is all at hand, a little work, a little works for me...getting lots of the mending done too...but it can't all be boring jobs, so all set up and I decided that my sewing machine needed a little quilt to sit on, so yep, here it is.....nothing like just doing it cause i can now.
Now I am going to count this as one of my OMPAC as it was a project in an old Handmade that I had earmarked and surfaced in the big clean i put all these ear marked projects in a box and I am going to slowly work my way through them.
Then once I sat the machine up on it, well on to the next project instantly the sewing machine cover from the same magazine.... but sadly it is still in pieces....and pieces it is.....OMG, the pattern is for a simple appliqued cover...really all i have used from the pattern is the measurements of the completed item....and why is may ask, well i purchased these little blocks that I loved nearly 12 months ago, and they got found in the big move ....and I thought they went well in the green popped them with the cover pattern and thought it wouldn't be too hard to piece the rest...well it hasn't lots of cutting and a bit slower than a quick whip up...but it is getting there between other jobs...I am on to the quilting of the panels it should be done soon...not sure if it will happen before I leave tomorrow for my girly long weekend away...but hey...its on the cutting mat/ironing board so to speak.Today it has been Studio Thursday so a couple of cards were created..for the card that I have the quick grab when i need one....and I will leave it at that, get to and pack my bag for above mentioned ME time out and maybe finish the Apron Swap apron this evening sneaks..Gab reads this it will have to wait till the full reveal after the giving....
love and hugs have a great know i will


  1. love your cards....and all that u every xx

  2. wow beautiful cards and love mat/runner........I am off to a sewing retreat tomorrow morning too........

  3. Gorgeous cards! Looking forward to seeing your sewing machine the fabrics and colours you chose! :-)

  4. I so love your room, it looks fantastic; and so do all the lovely patchwork pieces you have done, you are such a talented lady. Big Hugs Janet xxxx

  5. Sorry for not getting on here sooner.... what a lovely surprise I got when I opened my mail on tuesday. I had no idea that I had even won. It was all gorgeous. Brie demolished half the chocolate pretty quick Sonia. I loved that material it would make a gorgeous apron ;o) I will give you a call in the next few days when my life slows down a bit ;o)


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