Monday, August 31, 2009

Huge Weekend

with no pictures....oh boy, I can't believe I don't have any.

Well....friday, was full on and I did feel horrid.

Paula and Michelle came for coffee, and then I was supposed to jump right in and continue baking, cleaning and preparing for a weekend of visitors....and entertaining....but...I napped and even had Hannah Montana the movie on in the back ground....sad I know.

I have posted the No Bowl slice recipe for you Michelle (wink) over in the FA forum Recipe Sharing Thread.

Then I got up and started, with 30 chocolate cupcakes using aunty di's marble cake recipe but jus t all chocolate, my pear, fig and chocolate cake.

Then new stock arrived....oh yum how good is this new Bella Sarah-Jane Collection. So it was uploading that, and before I knew it was dinner with Dylan and a Movie.
Saturday meant cleaning first, then entertaining, with guests arriving from 2pm we had a fantastic afternoon, even if there was talk of woo woo warmers...LMAO my sister cracks me up.
Then it was family fun and frivolity with my sister, her hubby and the kids staying, we moved the couch outside and sat in what felt like wonderful summer air and enjoyed a few more drinks, before the boys moved inside to play ps2 and the girls got to natter.
Up early with breakfast outside in the sun, before Amie and Salt joined us for lunch, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon chattering in and out of the sun before moving inside for that fig and pear chocolate cake with coffee.
After cleaning up from all that it was just sit and watch some tv ( read drool over the eye candy in Rescue Special Ops)
...what a great weekend...sorry no pictures but I did have a blast.


  1. Can't believe you didn't pull your camera out even once!!! Great that is was such an enjoyable weekend, I know I certainly enjoyed my part in it! x

  2. It was a wonderful afternoon Sonia. Can't wait to do it again... hopefully the kids will be with me next time :o)

  3. I hope so too Amie!!


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