Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My weekend....

Well i did endeavour to catch up, and even took photos on the weekend to share...but it has taken me almost 3 days to make time to post and well look at that is 12.28am and it is freezing...well my hands are...the bottom part of me is in bed all snuggled with the electric blanket, listening to the rain on the roof.
Ok so photo story catch up .....
Last week I got an early birthday present...I was so surprised to have a parcel in the post and not knowing who it was from...USA....hmmm time to outer parcel to be greeted by a wrapped birthday gift.....ok Sandra....hmmmm let me think...oh yes that would be my wonderful handmade bag swap partner and comment leaver here.....LOL Grandmarockton...YOU Got ME!!!....And just look at my goodies.....I just love the vintage items....and of course then i had to go and check out where they came from and talk with Karen from The Faerie Cupboard Etsy' Store to get confirmation of what that little tool was.....I just love it....A vintage boot button looper....
Of course they are perfect all three items up on my bits and bobs wall.....I am getting quiet a collection of favourites here.
12 Hour crop saw me scrapping for the first time in weeks....and I had a blast...managed to complete my July 123 Challenge in the first couple of days, a record for me lately...and I love it...great criteria this sure to have a go.
I was on a roll then, and completed a double layout...and you know these have been rare for me lately, but I am also trying to do more of my older it worked with the puzzle sketches challenge for July as well...and well 12 photos on 2 pages is a was scary trimming them as these are from the no negatives selection...but they do look better trimmed....and for somebody that had a stash of speechbubbles that she didn't see herself ever using...I don't think i did half bad. There is another layout...but well secret squirrels....hold that till the August FA you will have to wait...but its' bright.....
After a late night scrapping whats better than a trip out in the sun, breakfast at the markets with my man, strolling hand in hand drinking coffee...yup, I am enjoying my older kids working and giving us free grownup time....did a bit of shopping...JUST LOVE these candles...I purchased some just before christmas last year, and gave one away as a gift...they are just divine....but sadly the ones I had were almost out, so the surprise visit to the St Ives Heritage Markets and the luck that Poppys Candles were there even better, I just had to have three for $25 Poppy's recue is my favourite, Hubby chose the Vanilla and we both like the one not in the photo which is lime was burning at the time this photo was taken.
After the markets was a quick visit to spotlight....yep have lots of sewing on the go, must be these cold winter nights...nothing like a little stitching.., I have 2 Pay It Forwards that I am working on, a Blue Bird of Happiness Gift Exchange and an Apron Swap...all due before the end of the month....but still I found time to drag out an unfinished project from the depths of a cupboard and ponder working on it...note I said ponder, it's been that long that the iron on adhesive won't attach....any clues...I do have some applique glue, am wondering if that will work!!!.
Sunday afternoon, I sat in this glorious sun and worked on this block...yep I am trying to keep up with Gails BOM far so good, completed this one block 5 and traced block 6, and I think block 7 is due out get off and check...then get some sleep....sweet dreams

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  1. You have been busy Sonia...great that you completed some scrapping! ;)


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