Saturday, May 09, 2009

Totally Spoilt

I know I have been slack, and there is a lot to catch up on, but I just had to share....

Well, my daughter never ceases to amaze me..... I have just had the most amazing 24 hours....and I new nothing, except that I shouldn't make plans for Friday and that I needed to be dressed up and ready to leave the house by 4pm.....

My Girlfriends Daughter and Bianca, had secretly packed us overnight bags, we didn't know till we pulled up, we stayed in the Menzies Hotel in town for the night. We settled into our rooms and had champagne which they had packed with champagne flutes and salsa and crackers. Then whilst my girlfriend and her daughter got showered and dressed, Bianca did my nails.

Then we had the concierge hail us a taxi the Capitol theatre and saw Guys and Dolls in the director seats - row f centre front....loved the production amazing to see Marina Prior in such a smutty roll.

Then dinner at a Thai Restaurant in haymarket, before a taxi ride back to the Menzies and cocktails in the piano bar till 1am.
Then back to our rooms for chocolates and tea, whilst we all sat in our pjs in one room watching b&w episode of here's lucy....till just after 2am...
Up this morning and us Mum's shouted the girls a sumptious breakfast in the city, before Brian picked us up and we headed back to reality and work for both Bianca and I - retreat organising doesn't happen on it's own.
So I feel totally spoilt already and tomorrow is yet to happen....
I promise to pop back and share lot's of layouts and a stitching complete soon.


  1. *squeal*- Sonia, what a lovely surprise!!!!The photo is gorgeous, so nice to hear you got spoilt!!!! Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow! xoxo

  2. wow...what a special girl you have there Sonia...great photo too. xx

  3. This is simply so special...hoping my girls grow up to be so thoughtful! ;) x

  4. Lucky you I cooked and half the family came cause Georgia is to far for dinner. Doesn't it feel wonderful when kids do NEAT things like this?


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