Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Weekend....

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend, and got lot's of R&R, it seems we all need it around that time.

With a couple of sickos - me being one of them, we enjoyed a couple of pj day's and just chilled. I did have a disaster, my sewing machine died....well I think it has, will take it off to the repair mans and see what he says....but 20 years is a good innings for a machine I guess.

I have a few machines lying around the house, but they are all just for display, - the old black singer is just used as a lamp...and then there is my MIL inherited Singer Knee Trembler.....and yes it works, I got it out and struggled with the adjustment of no peddle, and worked with my knee....and stitched up these - not sure if I like my colours yet, but seeing as the first 3 were already done for me - the colours that is { thanks E } - I had trouble matching her choices of borders with my stash....it's growing on me.
I also worked on my tisket a tasket BOM blocks, cut them all out, and decided that I am going to embroider the designs in the wonderful Chocolate/Pastels tones.....and will then be on the hunt for fabrics to work with them.....

We also spent time watching movies and resting up...it was a great weekend.

I also got to do lot's of blog catching up, and found a give away....so here why not go and check out the 30th birthday giveaway here 30 fat 1/4's what a great give away must remember to do this for Bianca's 21st....

I also worked and completed my first Pattern, yes it is ready for purchase @ $25 + postage.


  1. Thanks for posting about my give away!

  2. Goodness me you have been busy Sonia!!! Bummer about the machine...but yep, 20 years is a good innings!!! Love your sneak peeks- you always inspire me, forever and always! xoxox


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