Sunday, December 14, 2008

Creating on Friday & Weekend ENDED

Friday - saw me finish this Recipe book, that was requested by my DD for Christmas, I know she doesn't read my it is safe to share now. I hope she likes it, I have yet to hand write up the recipes for her.
Saturday - a fantastic weekend of fun at my sisters - oops no photos...was too busy laughing and having a great time. Managed to complete a Diary covering for my Niece, after her lovely phone call asking me to bring supplies and make her one for her to give as a gift at a party on Sunday.
Sunday - we awoke, had some breaky and then my Sister and I were going to head out to check out a local Garage Sale - we walked out to our Car, parked in front of her house in a small cul-de-sac to find this.....their were two Neigbours who had been up early mowing and whipper snipping their we can only assume that one of them flicked a stone up at our not impressed....$500 and a car wrapped in gladwrap for 3 days till it get's replaced....Oh well a windfall in one hand and out in the other...I guess that's what much for a an extra christmas gift or two...nope a new car rear windscreen...just what everyone wants for christmas NOT!!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:02 am

    I just love your recipe book idea! Any chance you can share how you made it?
    --Joanne (Westchester, Ny )


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