Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day and Crafting

I hope you all had a great Australia Day Weekend, we certainly have had a busy unplanned weekend.

Dylan has relapsed with his back problems, we have seen it coming for the passed few weeks, with his growing a fair bit this holidays it was to be expetecd. As this is how we notice it happens. So this has caused us to have a quieter time than intended. With him being on Valium again.

Weekly Catchup -

Wednesday, play date with Paula, I did create a birthday gift which is very belated so will share once it has been recieved.

Thursday saw Bianca enrolling in Uni, and i think i was just a tad un focused on Studio Day, the girls did manage some work, me I just designed the card to go with the above....but its still in my head not slack. I did however manage to finsih my book A thousand splendid sons....awesome emotionally charged reading...definately worth a read. I think i would even like to read the kite runner now even though i have seen the movie.

Friday, slept in drugged Dylan, said yes to Bianca about not doing anything for the weekend, forgot totally Australia Day was Saturday and told her she could say yes to working, which stuffed up our plans, so we had an impromptu BBQ with the neighbours all coming in.

Sunday took it easy, enjoyed a night out with some friends to Shakespeare by the Sea....pleasant night even if it was blowing up a wind gale....

Came home with some upper back pain....STRESS and its many forms...this is one of today has been quite...and trying to rest....
here are a few layouts that i managed on Saturday completing some challenges for the CyberCrop organised by Louise.
And reading todays emails, I have decided to try the 365 day photo challenge...ALI says it's never to late to start, so i though it might be a good idea, I think i will try and print them and bind them all...using the photos themselves as pages...perhaps with some journalling others not....but it will be a good 12 months view of my YEAR of see how i change .....or not!!

So here is day 1 - tired, stressed and in pain.....

and this is one of the trying to snap it photos....this kitten knows when i need to chill...she is sitting on the laptop, this is it for a to snuggle with a kitten.

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  1. {{{Sqeeeuze}}} Gently I might add.

    Lou xx


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