Sunday, December 30, 2007

Comments - answered

Jodii said...
loved sharing your day with you. However, what did you get from santa.

oops sorry jodii......well, I got a wonderful ice-cream machine, which i hope to christen today, a wireless mouse, for my laptop, as i am hopeless with the keyboard mouse. An antique ring holder, Nigella lawson feast cookbook, singstar R & B, Red Door gift pack, bill granger holiday cookbook, cupcake collection from my mum - which included a tablecloth and teatowel that she made for me as well as a cupcake wire tree, a car fridge - hot or cold esky that plugs in. handmade handbag from my sister, with some tea bags, bathroom bits - and lots more just need to check it all out....definately got spoilt this year.

OH an Jodii.....must be about time for a blog update from you too!!!!

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