Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well it has been a productive few days.....with walls coming down, yes they have gone...and now its time to put the plaster back up....oh boy the mess in this house... went from beams to no beams rather quickley....hope the plastering happens just as quick!!!And then the painting too!!!

So while all the noise and racket started inside yesterday I headed out to the studio and did a couple of quick lo' they are...first one is the stuck sketch for this week....And the next one is my RAK and Challenge LO - summer inspired blue/aqua colour scheme with a flourish

Well when you get woken early and you can't sleep because you can think of the christmas chores waiting to be know its time to start singing carols....

LOL I was up before 6am this morning chopping up all my fruit for my christmas cake journey......yep i have the best 3 kilos of fruits all soaking in some nice brandy....waiting till monday I think I will get to it to start the next step in the cake making. And last night i decided they are going to cook and be presented in these tins.... can't you just see the cherries and nuts on the top through that clear lid.....oh with a pretty bow or some nice christmas PP wrapped around the outside.....then a tag..... oh
its begining to look a bit like Christmas {yes i am singing}.....

Off to make sure the studio girls, have carols to sing be sure to check updates of todays creations later.....

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  1. Hey! Isn't my bedrom on top of all of that!!!! lol

    5 more sleeps till I come and play!!!! lol


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