Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Huge Catch up - LONG POST

I don't know but it just seems fitting everything in at the moment is tough....and when i get to sit and blog i am feeling rather exhausted.....so I am interupting today's chores and posting now... lets see...last post was Giovanna's class. OMG that's 2 weeks....lets work thru the diary, you might want to grab a drink for this one....

30th October - cleaning....and Sanding.....started on a new well old table that was sitting around....lots of it hands and Knee scrubbing kind cleaning.

31st October - DT Meeting

1st November - whopper of a headache....Bianca had her Ancient History Exam....Louise came to stay....studio day with no creating....too much chatting involved....headed out for dinner with Dee, Louise, Paula and Michelle W - yummmo dinner some wine, and then home - Louise and i sat up chatting long time...hey i didn't get that pic at dinner....send it please Lou.

2nd November - Louise headed off early to Penrith for the craft classes she had planned...Bianca had Extension English Exma ..i headed to the studio - yep got creating...started with this one....this was week 4 of the competition
I am working on....It was a tough page, as to me this is the end of an era with Bianca finishing year 12. Louise arrived home, and I spent the rest of the night uploading the November Newsletter.
3rd November - Now this was a fun day, started getting up early but actually later than intended with only 15mins to shower and be ready to walk out the door with Paula, for our road trip out to Penrith for some craft shopping ....well let's say it was an experience....with spiders and laughter....way too much. Managed to meet up with Dee again and she introduced us to Sharryn and Chrissy....nice girls, hope they come to the retreat...talk was made about it!!! Then Home more laughter loads more....then Louise and i had a tad too much to drink and made lots of silly chatter in the forum.....

4th November - Louise was a little under the weather this morning, so i got to scrap alone...whilst she slept....I did make a batch of brownies first though...created this fun layout.....this one isn't about the photos but more about the memories....then got in and did this one too, and finally got to use my VAKE design stamps ....love those doodled circles.
Paula, Michelle and the kids popped around for afternoon tea and Louise got up and we chatted band scrapped till about 6 - where did the time go....we waved them all off and Brian and the kids had planned a trip to the beach for dinner - only dissappointment was our fav fish and chips shop let us down with a disasterous dinner....the sunset was stunning though....Love this picture of Lou.Home again bed was a little earlier we did sit and do some more scrapping when we got back....but i was starting to pay for my late night the night before and Louise can vouch that this layout nearly was 14 and Cha Yum
Monday 5th November - Brian was back to work, Dylan was sweet and left Louise a note before he headed to school, Bianca Louise and I headed to Manly for a nice lunch before Biancas Extension History Exam and I then drove Louise off too the Airport....Sad GoodByes....
Tuesday 6th November - My Dads Birthday - he was in Melbourne Celebrating at the CUP!!!!

Wednesday 7th November - Last EXAM - sighing, we are all relieved, celebrated with chicken and champagne for lunch.....when it was over....spoilt her with a psp as a graduation present....
Thursday 8th November - studio day, Anne and Janet - managed to get lots done today well the girls did, they were scrapping up christmas cards galore....i got this one done....it was for the Stuck Sketches Blog....simple and quick well for me anyway!!! Then inspired by all the cards around me i got on to the card roll.....but well with some birthdays somethings just have to wait.....will share once they are recieved.....This is one I can share today, as i gave it too dad on the weekend. Very Simple but does the job.Still in the scrapping zone I managed to fit in this RAK for Kylie...filled the felt bag with flowers, ribbons and chipboard embellies and then made this little book with my bind-it-all.
Friday 9th November - spent part of the day in the studio, attempting to scrap, but didn't complete as I had bitten off mor than i could chew....with painting and stitching.....was tired, so came in and did some tv slothing with the kids, played some PS2 and watched a some Hero's and then a Movie with Brian.
Saturday 10th November - boys were home as the games were cancelled due to the rain we had the day before.they got in and did some painting....well undercoating ready for a new feature wall.......so I got in and finished yesterdays layout.....This is the Week 5 Competition Layout.....pastels photograph so badly....lots of detail shots with this one...see more in the gallery this one had loads of glitter on ghost shapes...
Hidden journaling attached to a pretty ribbon, was so in the zone today, this one was for a new blog called shallenges....had fun criteria was Stripes - yes strano ribbon covers that one, Song title - yes we are family {subtitle}, No green or blue - except in my photos - quick and easy and love the colours.
Then still in the zone and with a Melbourne Cup Challenge todo for Amie.....well, Thanks Amie - it was a struggle when i first thought about it....but alas a great photo got the inspiration going.Blue Moon was my horse and the jockey wore orange and yellow check, So I have used orange and yellow and managed even some checks....totally love the page and it was a real quick one!!! We were off to visit Tia and her New Bub tomorrow so got in and finished this gift and card too....Very soft, and pretty, Used a KasierCRAFT tabbed Journal....to create a note style/photo keeper for just those gossipy, things we don't want to forget about our babies, {something i wished i had done} Then a card from the SCRAPS - love doing things like this....its a challenge in itself...
Dinner with the street - one of those impromptu BBQ's was fun and not a late night.
Sunday 11th November - Dropped in and visited with Tia and Paul, got sneak at sleeping baby Kendra.....oh how cute!! Did the naughty thing and forgot to wish Tia Happy birthday - if your reading this so sorry - got hung up on the sweet little bubba and forgot you!!!! Promise to make up for it soon.....! No photos she was sleeping. Then off to Mum and Dad's for lunch and celebrate Dad's Birthday....yummy Roast outside in the summer weather....Bianca took control of the Camera - she got some fantastic shots....and some silly ones....this is her and Jazz - self portraits..as Bianca put it Louise Style!!! Home to some beading....gifts again - can't share yet!!!!
Monday 12th November - Up early, walked on the treadmill, then out and got some retail therapy in....bargain $5 shoes...LOL. then spent the rest of the day in the studio packing orders and shipping them out, had Michelle S pop in for some shopping.Whilst Brian and Bianca started pulling down walls......this is how it started with one side....then the other, then it was a made dash to bring back in all the furniture.....the engineer comes tomorrow to confirm the type of header beam and then the rest will come down. Dinner and chatting after......late to bed.
Tuesday the 13th....are you still here....told you it was a long haul well up later but still walked on the treadmill, showered, delivered and then Aldi shopping, home unpacked.....some lunch, Bianca has Brian pulling down another skin wall...this one is in the Kitchen.....arghhh they are on a roll. Well i would like some semblance of order soon....so I best go and see if i can help....but will leave you with some pics of Dylans room.....that i forgot to share earlier.....
This is a before of the bed in the sky...and the desk below which he out grew....and this is the new and the now.....We had to build a new wardrobe to go with that bed....sleek and clean lines....and then a new desk..{blogger won't let me put that photo in..}..very white and clean for how long ....well it wasn't long!!! Loved the shelving we put up around the top of the room. well thanks for sitting with me thru this long post.....try not to take so long next time.

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  1. That was a huge catch up.... do have a paper diary to remember all of this!!!

    Congrats to Bianca on finishing her exams... was she stoked with her present?

    Love all the LO's, and love Dylans new room.

    Have a great day..



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