Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pay it Forward - Gifts & more Creativity

ok, well i just didn't know where to start its only been a couple of weeks and well, i know i was sick, but i was busy creating things that i just couldn't share....till now, so i thought i would share all these items first and then make another post with the review of the retreat. First off i got in the sewing zone, with these cute little handbags, with Sonia Orginal Lables of course. Totally had fun creating them to match the personalities of the recievers. The first lot were as thankyou's to the girls on the DT and my Mum, Daughter and Di for all the help they give me at Retreats....they went down a treat, then i made a few extra's for christmas gifts.

Of course there had to be matching cards, so with the aid of my Heidi Swap Corner thankyous...the fabric scraps and the sewing machine, these little cutees where whipped up in no working on a steam train....LOL well this is how i feel when i work on mass production.

Next I took myself of for my first ever jewellery class, not that i haven't been creating for years, but i was intrigued, and it was loads of fun. Created this cute pair of earrings in the softest peach tone.
Of course whilst at the shop in Crows Nest i did a little retail therapy and purchased the green beads for another pair of earrings.
Whilst the gear was out, and with the Pay If Forwards and Paula and Amie's Birthday's coming up, I got to creating again. Got these awesome foil lined red beads in the local $2 shop and started with a necklace for of my goals this year, is to not create and give away everything, so i try and create one for me along the way too!!!
Then came Amies Birthday gift - i thought she would look good with this bright red one. Then Jodii (yes its in the post jodii if your reading and you haven't got it yet) wear's dangly earrings so i got to creating for her pay it forward gift. Before packing up the beads i decided that these soft green onese which had been hanging around on my beading tray for 2 beading sessions with paula and nat, needed to be created with and luckily in the shopping that had been done during the week i had managed to pick up some more and well i wanted it to be a little bit special and slipped in some fresh water pearls too!
Next i packed up Paula's birthday gift, instead of creating for paula i decided that i would bundle of some beads, I had purchased a huge bag of mixed green beads, so added this to the storage containers i had for her, whilst they were out i couldn't help myself but create this long double wrap for myself.
Then with total inspiration by Tammy, and another sickly shopping spree of to the reject shop, I still had another 2 Pay It Forwards to do, and thought that both Amie and Paula would love these. The Stamp boxes were created next.


  1. Oh those little bags are gorgeous!

  2. You are one talented lady and I so forgot about the PIF! Thank you so much. Email me at mciola (at) lunara (dot) com and I'll send you my details.

    I'm definitely bookmarking your blog. So very talented!!

  3. How pretty!!!
    Bless your little hands!!! They are gorgeous! Girlfriend you have been busy! When on earth did you get time between having everyone sick and you being sick and the retreat to do all that! YOU AMAZE ME! The all pink, all blue are so pretty. The jewellery is awesome too! And the boxes! How on earth do you do it! Give me some of what you are on!!!! lol


  4. Anonymous6:43 pm

    as one of the lucky recipients i am always grateful for one of these treasures! thanks so much for being a great boss lady and thoughtful person x gab

  5. WOW...those bags are gorgeous!!!

  6. Oooh I was one of the lucky ones to get a Sonia orgional tooo, they are so so Fabuloso, {especially the red and black one - lol}.

    Thank you from the bottom of you know were!!! xxx

  7. OMG WOW Sonia you have been so busy, as Ange said I want some of what you are on. The bags are Gorgeous. Lucky girls who received them. I will be stalking the postie next week (lol). I love the stamp boxes too. I think you may have inspired me to get creative. The school holidays are in a week here so look out creativity/

  8. Hey Sonia, I have just been admiring you beautiful handy work.... I was very spoilt by you and you know how much I just loved every gift :o)

    I am just about to give you another big rap on my blog when I post all these beautiful creations you gave me. Hopefully there will be 3 people who will want a gift from me.

  9. Thanks girls.....glad your loving your gifts, and its awesome to know i have inspired a few more.

  10. ooh the bags are divine!! I can't believe that you have stitched so many - amazing stuff!


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