Thursday, October 19, 2006

year 11 formal

well it flies by the time we spend, i don't know where or when, but i realised tonight i am the mother of a way grown up teen, who i am so proud of!!
tonight i helped bianca and her girlfriend get ready for their year 11 formal, needless to say it was bright spark day in our life, we all certainly need it.

here are a couple of pics of the girls before we took off, a little too early which meant they got to do a run through chatswood westfield in their get ups - they laughed a lot it was lots of fun.

how can you get look seriously at a girl who towers over you in those boots and with an extra pair of eyes goggling me.....

We laughed a lot and it was fun, i pray that the girls are having a blast, i will know soon, as she is only an hour from coming home, i am doing the sitting up alone as brian is at work and dylan is in bed, this is when i realise i am all alone. and how much i miss just having somebody else in the house. We may not have shared too many tv programs together but it was still company knowing that betty was somewhere close. although i know she is still very near by. I miss her.


  1. Sonia the girls looked awesome!
    Hate to say it but Bianca in pink hair looks great!!! Well done girls on great costume design!


  2. Anonymous10:39 pm

    your blog is lovely. I'll keep reading. (I'm from NSW too!)

  3. The girls look great...hope they enjoyed their night !


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