Thursday, October 05, 2006

farewell to a friend, mother, grandmother

today we will say our last goodbye to a very special person in our lives.
everyone always asked me how did i live with my mother in law - and i always answered the same we are friends but above all its about respect we respect each other. Not to say that we didn't have our bad days, but even these were usually pleasant, and this is because you taught me patience. And you were always serene and calm, its hard to get mad with that.

I will miss you, thankyou for being my friend
In loving memory of

Betty Joan Bowers
24th June 1922 - 30th September 2006

Do not cry for my departure,
feel close to me
and keep talking to me.
I shall love you from Heaven
like I loved you on Earth.

We thought we saw your face today,in the sparkle of the morning sun.

And then we heard the angel say,"Her work on earth is done."

We thought we heard your voice today,then laugh your hearty laugh.

And then we heard the angel say,"There is peace dear one at last."

We thought we felt your touch today,in the breeze that rustled by.

And then we heard the angel say,"The spirit never dies."

We thought that you had left us,for the stars so far above.

And then we heard the angel say,"She has left you with her love."

We Know that we will miss you so,and find it hard each day

And then we hear the angel say,"She is with you every day."

"The sun, the wind, the moon, the stars,will forever be around,

reminding you of the love you shared,and the peace Betty’s finally found.


  1. Thinking of you all.
    Beautiful sentiments might also take comfort in the following:

    Take Care.

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Hi sonia

    I am sorry for the loss of your mum in law. My heart is with you, my prayers are with your family.
    Give Brian one of your beautiful hugs for me. I will ring you when I am back in town.


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