Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Creative Time

Well with the Forever Always Cybercrop on last weekend, i had plans to scrap lots all weekend, but well the mojo just couldn't get started, and I ended up having a lovely recharge time, chatting online, in person and laughing up a storm with the family over movies like HAIRSPRAY.
After a nice coffee out with a friend, we both had gifts to make for friends, so we grabbed some towels and headed back to my place and sat stiching and chatting up these....cute hey.
Monday and I was determined to make up for the non scrapping weekend, spent the day in the studio, but instead of scrapping I sorted and put away, from the Retreat a job I had been putting off! But did manage this Baby Card inspired by the website Daring Cardmakers {last weeks dare was trash your stash, I had visited the local charity stores when Louise was visiting and purchased an old dictionary - this quote was taken from it...I couldn't do what I planned and cut the book up!!!!}
Tuesday in the studio and I had created a pile of things to my cleaning and sorting, I unsurfaced the Designing With 2006 calender, and thought wow now I can bind it with my bind-it-all {well its a little large, but hey its sorted and can be flicked through so its all good}.
Moving on to the next on the list, and it's my BIL 40th on the weekend, so needed a card, whilst making the book above, I have decided that I will make this card into the front of a photo book, so on our visit, I will take the printer, camera, bind-it-all and bits, to make the book after the party.
Next on the to-do list was the Cybercrop Challenges. I began with Challenge 2, as I had printed these photos weeks ago to do, and just hadn't had the inspiration, but with a choice of fruit and veg, it was easy to see where i headed.
I chose to be Veg with carrot/pumpkin, bean/pea & cauliflower for colours, I then chose Felt and Fibre as my textures, and hand drew those little carrots. Cute but simple.
Next up was Challenge 3. - totally inspired to create a book, after I got over my inital scare of a "no photo" LO. So got to with my bind-it-all again and made a book, cut the pages 6x6, and then punched all the pages, have put 40 pages which suits that 1 1/4 inch binding strip better. Then got to work on one of my favourite quotes, it had to be recipe inclined to fit with the challenge, so I decided this one fitted.

Plenty of people miss their share of HAPPINESS not because they never found it, but because they didn't STOP to ENJOY it! - william feather

Then I had to add it to a book, so did a bit of work on a cover, still needs more, but it will get aged and added to as I create more quote pages.I like the concept of this book, its like my art journal that i started with Rhonna Farrer.
....have to say the NEW BASICGREY Chipboard letters - Wilma in this script font, and just amazing!!!!
Next up and well I have moved inside its late Tuesday night, and the mojo is cracking, so the Challenge 1. What’s in your pantry???? – needed to use something for inspiration.....oh look
and only the stash in your "scrap pantry" well that was this one....used the packaging as a sketch. Nothing new for this page, only what I had already opened for the others. (hence those NEW BG wilma letters)
Staples - yep - on those letters, and left overs yup got those too....didn't have the H in the pack of the ghosts, so used the packaged they came in to make one from a K and N....tracing of course and created a new would never know!!!
love this page!!!!


  1. Oh I really love your quotes book, it's awesome.
    Love everything actually, lol..but then I always do, you always have such lovely things on here to look at. The baby gift is fab too :O)

  2. Yes your mini book is awesome, along with your other creations!!:)

    Im so jealous those BG chipboard monos are faaaaabulous!!

  3. You have been so creative, I just love it all...

    Have a good week.

    Amie xx

  4. you astound me with how much you get done. I bound my DWC for 2005 and 06. Man my biceps after were like guns (lol). Love all your books and creations


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