Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wet Weekend

well we have had a wet weekend, perfect for getting things done. groceries got done yesterday, as well as the washing, tidying and a quick once over vac, the kids were great and got in and helped me out. which left me with the afternoon, to get some work done on the retreat goodies. managed to get a fair bit done. then it was a movie night with the fam...well brians choice sunshine - not overly was ok, but not a family viewing movie...poor dylan ended up on my bed watching forrest gump by himself.

today i had plans to do heaps....well i did manage to cross 2 things of the scrapping to do list....but not enough hope to get more done tomorrow. unfortunately i can't share as its all for the retreat....which is now only 18 sleeps away.
I managed to bring some things inside to do some more but just can't get in the decided to do some blogging and came accross this....wonderful award thats been floating the web, the NICE MATTERS AWARD...and i found that i had been sweet... by Narelle over on the Nyngan girls blog....thanks girls, and i think you guys are so nice. I am now supposed to nominate 7 Nice bloggers out there....well if your reading this then you must be nice for dropping by my i nominate you go on take it and share the love. Make somebody elses day by saying they are NICE.

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