Monday, August 13, 2007

still sick but am creating

well its been a few days since i posted....still sick but have been creating.

just have to share some pics, last thursday bianca was told by our chiro that she need to do some hand work with all this hand writing for her exams....she needed to be doing some housework...which we thought was appropriate...due to my being sick with this flu and the house looking like a bomb had hit it....lily's suggestion was also bake some bread from scratch no bread we took her advice...and bianca started kneading when we go home, on some sourdough and rye bread, which she then made into some garlic loaves and pizzas.....Brian helped out and i was served this lovely homemade takeaway dinner....see the pizza packing boxes....came in handy ....they were so cute and the pizza was devine...
a couple of shots of the bread just with garlice rolled into the dough and the other has parmesan and garlic on the top of the loaf, both were very garlicy but good.
here is one of the diva ATC's for a swap, we are doing in the Forum this is my favourite....will share more when i get the swaps back.

here is my favourite from my number atc's swap that i am doing for 123 challenge.....the butterflies wings are actually dimensional....its very sweet and realistic....

And this brings me to my new love....yes i am in love with my BIND-IT-ALL, quick and easy books....this is for my atc's when they come this...

Progressive challenge....#3 we are doing them weekly now every Thursday, at 8ish.....had fun with this one lots of things to do....but managed to fit them all in, and how cute are these pics from 1996....thats my little girl, and our baby.....LOL well one is now 17 and the other is almost 12 thats scarey....both still cute.!!!

thats it for today, off to bed....with some vicks on my chest......oh wish this cold would go away!!!


  1. pizza looks yummy, Hope you are feeling better soon and that you have still been creative while being sick is amazing. I haven't been creative for so long

  2. Pizza looks spectacular!!!!
    Can I put in an order????

    Your ATC creations are looking absolutely Wonderful Sonia!!!

  3. Yummo now I know what Michelle was talking about..... LOL I bet it was the best Pizza and how clever are they serving it up like real takeaway food.

    Your ATC are stunning! I still haven't started mine.


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