Friday, August 24, 2007

Inspired and avoiding the job at hand

yes well i was avoiding the jobs i have to do, because i have a back ache from hunching over the sewing machine.....and i thought i would lay on the couch and do a little blog reading....and before i knew it JODII check her out in the link in the side bar.....and decided it was time for a blog yes i have played with settings, colours...gone for a clean fresh look and well even got into some slide shows .....gone is the tally of whats done, but i have shared all images of everything from sewing projects, layouts, cards, swaps and even the jewellery.
well its filled in some time.....guess its back to some chores.

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  1. looking good Sonia, glad i could inspire you to revamp the blog. i just need to inspire my self. But i have been cleaning the scrapping area so hopeful that will start the mojo rolling again


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