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MIA - catchup countdown

4th May 2007
thats today, and here it is just gone 11am, and i have been typing and playing with blogger for just over 2 hours, talk about avoiding a job....I warn you the below post is huge, but this is what i love about blogging, it gave me time to think about what i have been doing with my life...
I have only 2 hours before i pick up bianca, we head off to our chiro appointment and then we are planning on taking a walk on the beach again and hitting the pool for some laps...feeling the aches of the swimming yesterday, but i know its doing me good.
3rd May 2007
studio day - had some shoppers, had some ladies coming who cancelled, which should have meant more me scrapping time, but no got inundated with emails, lots of interest in our guest design team positions, then a delivery so marked of the invoice, Called and made Louise Nelsons Day by inviting her to be a permanent family member in our Forever Always World....oh i so love the feeling i get when i have made somebody soooo happy.....and before i new it it was time to collect bianca and we walked on the beach and then went swimming it was perfect.... I came home brian got to cook dinner and i organised to bring my supplies in as he was off to work.... i figured i would upload the new stock and then play, well unfortunately i was too inspired and guess what i played and now am a day behind with work....but here is what i did
123 May challenge -one of the criteria was transparency and it got me....i desperately wanted to try something new...
sooo.....I DID

3 or more papers - if i count the reverse sides which you can see....there's actually five.
the transparency? - this is what had be inspired...I have printed a digital frame onto a inkjet transparency, then i have hand cut and created a scallop frame which i painted... this was tottally fun... and its a little like a freestyle doodle page... which is about as close as i can get to it.... (i still fit in a box sometimes)
and the flowers - on one of the printed papers, rubons, and chipboard....

Totally loved this one,
Crate Paper Samantha Collection - Snapdragon & reverse, Ivy & Reverse, Poppy; Inkjet Transparency; Digital Frame (shabby princess); red paint; Lil Davis Designs Acrylic Stamps (journaling 2); black ink; Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer rubons (scribbles enchanted); Lil Davis Designs Endless Summer Alpha (sunkissed) {these are the best red letters i have ever seen totally in love with them}; Crate Paper Samantha Crateboard (wildflower); Making Memories Crystal Brad.i scrapped got 2 layouts done.

Then with that done, scanned and emailed it off to charmane, thought i would settle in and do some work on the web, but queen of procrastination was i - so did a little blog surfing, and got inspired by the new sketch blog SketchesOz and just got in and played some is my layout. oh and don't you love that journaling block, this is from the new stock that i was supposed to beuploading....Jenni Bowlin Studios....loving her vintage lines...

2nd May 2007
the kids let me sleep in, they caught the bus to school, brian is at work, planned to get lots done, did some organising for the dt, did some more work on the web, roasted a turkey breast for dinner, picked up the kids from school, we went walking on the beach, and they went swimming, its nice even in the dark. picked brian up from work and whilst waiting the 20mins for him to finish bianca got her second driving lesson this one was much better and the carpark (well work site) is perfect for learning on. Home to slice up the turkey and whip up a salad - bianca hs decided that beetroot isn't pretty cool and dylan has decide that he finally likes tomato. Design Team Meeting, got to have a cuddle of baby darla, oh i love those cute noises they make. definately makes me clucky again...but i think i can wait till grandma status comes in ...don't want to be the new mum again...
1st May 2007
Newsletter goes out today, so worked on finalising it early, then went off to my fortnightly sewing group, and got some of this little pillow done for my MUM for mothers day, its a lavender heart, with a love note pocket on the front - i am working on a all fabric card for her to sit in the pocket, that i will slip some money into as we are having a day at the blue mountains for mothers day and then she can treat herself to a little something too!!!
Kept my promise to myself, and took the kids for a walk on the beach, ate healthy, stayed up too late again finishing of the Newsletter. Very saw eyes.

30th April 2007
realisation that the retreat is not far away...worked on prep work for it..judged the cybercrop -eyes felt like pissholes in the snow, too many hours at the laptop..Newsletter need more work too as it goes out tomorrow oops later today thats how late i stayed up. .didn't go for that new me walk that i wanted too! Promised myself i will tomorrow.
29th April 2007
sunday - lazy morning, a little scrapping. created these lovely cards to go to the babes with their little towels i made earlier in the week. Tried to take bianca for another driving lesson, but no such luck, the police had closed off the road to the parking area at north head, due to some truck driving in to the heritage listed archway. So home and back in to scrapping and completed one of the cyber crop challenges and hit the nail on the head twice by completing an entry into a circle journal that has been hanging around and needed doing.
28th April 2007 - scrap and me time
well with the cyber crop still happening, and the boys booked into golf, Dylan competed in his first golf tournament...he had fun! bianca was going to a party so she wanted to make a gift so we settled down to a day of creating, with movies in the background.
Sorry no pics of the gifts we made, we altered a letter...and made a necklace with matching earrings, and because of having out all my beads... that was it - i ended up watching a string of movies and beading.

3 Necklaces
3 Bracelets
2 pairs of earings and shortened gabbies bracelet that i had made for her.
here is a pic of what i there was another black necklace not pictured.
Then we headed next door for a dinner with neighbours in their newly renovated home...a nice day.
27th April 2007 cybercrop -
great intentions to scrap, but spent the day working on the web, then when i came to cyber cropping i just chatted along, we watched Big Brother friday night games (dylans fav) then had some chill time with Brian and watched Curse of the Golden Flower can't say i enjoyed was different, but it was nice to have some us time...we don't seem to be getting much lately
26th April 2007 Bianca turns 17
Birthday girl, early morning presents, the best of course being the beanie that she has requested for a couple of years. i finally found one that i knew would fit with matching scarf at that...and then to top of the birthday excitement we added the Historia book, that she had on her christmas wish list (but at $100 i baulked) so when doing the shopping on Tuesday and i saw it on special for almost 70% less i grabbed it...and it was worth the excitement...she loves it..i am so glad that i know how to make her happy....then off to Manly for a birthday breakfast (i had green eggs and ham, if you love pesto give it ago, pesto mixed with the scrambled eggs and a little ham tossed thru too...doesn't look appealing but of the taste sensation) YUMMM with friends before school.
Then home, to do a bit of sewing, wanted to get this little extra gift made for my little girl, but its so hard when she is always around to do those little managed to whip up this sweet little lavender heart. It says "sweet dreams" & "always kiss me goodnight".
Picked her up from school, she had a rough day with friends and was a bit teary, my heart cheered her up. Home and dropped the boys off at golf, then we headed our for our first mother and daughter driving lesson, i think the biggest thing for me was to keep my calm, as i recall my mum yelling when i was learning, and it just makes it i bottled up my nerves as she took the wheel...lets say i think driving simulators should be made for those first few lessons once you have your L plates...she has no idea of how to steer and accelerate at the same needless to say i came home and was a right off...physically sick from bottling up the stress... so the birthday requested dinner didn't happen, it was take away... a little tv, and of course a little birthday wishing on a candle, in some left over cake...i am pretty sure she had a good day.
25th April 2007 Anzac Day
A tough day for us....We miss Betty so much... we woke at 4.30am, to head off to dawn was pouring...I was an emotional mess...hadn't slept much, so Brian said stay here, so bianca and i crawled back into bed and i cried myself back to sleep. Whilst the Boys went off to dawn service. This was always such a big day in her life... We spent it as a family when the boys came home...we enjoyed a cooked breakfast...we watched some "Heroes", I baked Biancas Birthday cake....huge chocolate and raspberry mountain...very rich, very yummy! Also made a caramel slice... we all got dressed up to go out for dinner with extended family...we played a game of monopoly...Went to Cafe Shiraz and had an awesome meal, early celebration for Bianca's 17th Birthday.
24th April 2007 Bianca gets her L's & I was Tagged
oh how scarey was this....she tried yesterday, and failed but succeeded today, a five minute sit in the car with dad and its not a happening thing...he screamed, she was not impressed..looks like its mum to the rescue, shame its so wet we will have to wait for some good weather.
I finished making these little goodies for the bubs that have arrived....
Little Beau Douglas is the new addition to the Hickey Family
and Sweet Darla Nellie is the first little one to grace the Sturrock Family, we congratulate both Mums and bubs...
Ok, thanks to the lovley Karlene I've been tagged....
7 Facts about me.
  1. Sometimes i am not as organised as i would like to be!
  2. I don't feel old enough to have a teenage daughter who is learning to drive!
  3. I love to sing - I'm a singstar DIVA! (well at least i think so)
  4. I have always struggled with my weight....but i once lost over 40 kilos, so i know that i can do it again...exercise and i just don't always work, but i am trying.
  5. Today will be day 4 of the new me - i have walked each day and yesterday even managed to walk and swim....I am doing this for me!!!
  6. The Beach is my solace - its my place to just think, I could stare at the water for days and be comforted, by its sounds and smells. ( I once did this for hours on the back of the P&O Fair Princess...when my hubby couldn't find me - he always ended up on the back of the ship and there i was staring of at the water...often with the moon reflecting on it)
  7. Books - I love to lose myself in a good book!
Ok - well here is where i am supposed to tag 7 more people....but you know i think most of you have done this.... so if you havn't and your reading this ... THEN I TAG sure you leave me a comment, so i can come by your blog and read your 7 facts, its great to learn something new every day.
If you are still reading..Thanks for sticking it out, and i hope you enjoyed the read. I know i enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

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