Monday, May 14, 2007

creating again

well its been a week again, but i have been very busy creating up a storm....
these are what i have done, through the week...
I finished off this hand stitched card, for mum for mothers day.
then began on some little thankyou and gift boxes that i needed done.. managed to get this one done at the 12 hour crop on the sat night....not that cropped much, spent most of the night doing paperwork, and chatting to the girls.
i had a few projects to get done, here are some sneaks of what i did - can't share till after the retreat...
they are just awesome, totally love what i got done this was all on friday during the day....and another huge project on the computer - yeah team i was pleased i worked to the deadline and got it done...
Then friday night, i tried to pump out some more.... but all i got was this one...then fell in a heap into bed....a few to many late nights this week.
got up early on saturday and got on a roll, this sweet little birthday card, which is going out to Wendy, at our retreat.then i got back on the little card and gift box sets...then i started on this piece of jewellery which is for a gift.
i only got half way thru, and crashed off to bed, then was awoken early for Mothers day, Dylan surprised me with this, handmade tray, tea and flowers... Bianca had made this card too....with some spending money inside for our day to the blue mountains. Met Mum, my sister and her family, we lunched in the noodle house in the blue mountains, then headed to this awesome chocolate shop for hot chocolates....well some of them hot choc...i stuck with my mocha, needed the coffee hit. Here are my nieces playing model for bianca. Bianca insisted on this photo of us, she tried to do many self portraits of us before handing the camera over to dad...brian snapped it!!!
here are a couple of pics of what my spending money purchased....first stop was a cyrstal a little tumble stone, that just begged for me to have it....and a bag of study crystals for bianca, see i even spent some on then i purchased these two items in leura.... loved the peace tin word...this was from the christmas shoppe, brian and bianca banned me from buying any christmas decos, but i figured a word wasn't a deco, even if it is red....not sure where it will live yet, but love it!!! Next stop was this amazing candle shop that was so packed with people....they must have had 20 - 30 shoppers and these candles weren't cheap, but we were standing 4 deep at the counter to pay for was crazy... i got his wonderful lime and sandlewood travel candle... i love to have smells of home when i this will be perfect for the retreat in my room.
up this morning and straigh into the creating, last of my cards with matching boxes that had to be made....also finished off that jewellery up there^^^^^.
ok well i have done the blog catch to do some sewing projects for the retreat....and see if i can't cross a few more bits off my list....


  1. Hi Sonia,

    You have just given me a great idea for the belated mothers day gifts I haven't made.... How do I get to make the little gift boxes???


  2. amie,
    you can get the pattern from
    its a great source of patterns for all sorts of boxes...
    the one i have used is the milk carton box....
    so easy...
    have fun


  4. Creating Frenzy alright!!!!
    I looooove the necklace!!!!
    And the photo of you and Bianca is beautiful!!!!!


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